User Interface Update Preview


September 28, 2014 by Hectares


Justin Gary (Stone Blade Entertainment CEO) stopped by the live coverage of The Second ForgeWatch Invitational and spoiled two user interface (UI) …
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Second ForgeWatch Invitational Review


September 27, 2014 by Hectares


Day two of The 2nd ForgeWatch Invitational took place on September 27, 2014. This day featured the Top 16 who survived the original field of …
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Secrets of Solis: Unveiled (the only Set 3 expansion)


September 21, 2014 by Hectares


UPDATE Sept 25: SBE has successfully released SoS Unveiled. Roaming Warclaw has been temporarily shelved. Dozer, the Dormant has taken its spot …
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SolForge Showdown Ep. 1 – Unheroic: AT Walls vs. NU Consistent


September 16, 2014 by Hectares


Jotto and I face off with some top decks from the recent Kael Cup Qualifier (Sept 13). Decklists are reviewed at the …
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Countering Seal of Deepwood in Set 3 Draft


September 7, 2014 by Hectares


Many people have expressed frustration with Seal of Deepwood’s impact on draft. The card is certainly warping the format, but is …
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Crushing Broodqueen: Stasis Warden’s Time to Shine


September 4, 2014 by KonanTheBarbarian


Even before the recent World Championship Qualifier (WCQ) the constructed tournament queues were full of Nekrium-Uterra (NU) lists, which all …
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[GP] Coxatrice: For the Love of Mobility


August 30, 2014 by Hectares


[GUEST POST] Coxatrice: Out of all the cards from Secrets of Solis so far, one has made me more excited than …
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Secrets of Solis: All Cards Not Spoiled (Set 3)


August 20, 2014 by Hectares


Set 3 is here! Here are all the cards not spoiled sorted by rarity then by faction. 1 Legendary | …
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Secrets of Solis (Set 3) Preview: Tangle


August 18, 2014 by KonanTheBarbarian


Today I proudly present a spoiler from the upcoming Secrets of Solis:     So far SBE has done a great job …
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The Fun Train: Brewing with Iron Maiden


August 16, 2014 by prototype0


Welcome to the The Fun Train™ where we try to have fun and break the constraints of normal SolForge. This …
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Live Streams

Upcoming Events

Tournament Finishes

Major League SolForge
FWI2, Sept 27: CMUStewart (T4), WookieMike (T16)
WCQ, Aug 30: WookieMike (T8), Turkis (T16)
WCQ, July 26: Turkis (T16)
Golden Gauntlet, June 07: CMUStewart (2nd), evilweevil666 (T8), Turkis (8-2), N3Rk (7-3), Darkhands (7-3)
TMMI, Apr 19: CMUStewart (3rd)

ForgeWatch Invitational Quals
Aug 23: WookieMike (T16)
Aug 9: N3Rk (T4), Turkis (T8)
July 12: CMUStewart (T16)
June 21: Hectares (T8), CMUStewart (T16)
Apr 4: Hectares (2nd), evilweevil666 (T16)
Mar 5: evilweevil666 (T4), Turkis (T8), CMUStewart (T16), Sebola3D (T16)

Kael's Cup Quals
Standard, Aug 02: N3Rk (2nd)
Qualifier, Aug 02: konanTheBarbarian (T4), evilweevil666 (T8)
Peasant, July 14: evilweevil666 Kael's Cup Champion crown
Standard, June 27: Turkis Kael's Cup Champion crown
Peasant, June 23: Hectares Kael's Cup Champion crown
Peasant, June 16: evilweevil666 Kael's Cup Champion crown
Peasant, June 09: Hectares Kael's Cup Champion crown

A1 Standard, July 31: Turkis (1st)
FW Standard, May 16: CMUStewart (2nd), evilweevil666 (T4)
FW Unhero, May 9: Sebola3D (4th)
FW Unhero, Apr 27: Hectares (T8)