Solis’ Finest: Everflame Phoenix


April 22, 2014 by Hectares

Before TinyGrimes and Jake Almighty hosted The Forge today, they took some time to discuss the power and balance of Everflame Phoenix and why it continues to see such widespread use in any Tempys deck.

It turns out that Everflame Phoenix happens to be one of the best cards in the game.


Phoenix at a Glance

L1: 7/6 with mobility
L2: Good chance to transform, puts an L3 Phoenix in your deck
L3: Huge mobile body, triple death trigger of 10 damage to the opponent, 10 damage to a creature in the lane, and finally, a level 2 Phoenix waiting to rise again.


Everyone’s Talking About It

Turn 2.3 (SolForge Statistics, Apr 2014)
pedman runs the numbers on seeing the Phoenix rise from the ashes in PL2, giving a clear picture of why it seems to happen so frequently. It reminds me of Hunting Pack except you get a Phoenix 3 instead of an extra hound.

Phoenix and why it might be the best card (Official Forums, Dec 2013)
darksteel analyzes Phoenix at every rank and makes a case that it the best card under the sun. Half of the posts are prior to the release of Set 2, but the conversation is mostly the same.

Phoenix OP? (Official Forums, Apr 2014)
dillman asks if Phoenix 2’s effect is overpowered, and potentially harmful to the metagame. The discussion includes ways to handle the L2 Phoenix and insights into other rank-up triggers and how they impact games. semper222 offers up an explanation of how using Phoenix as an underdrop performs more consistently for him than the see Phoenix -> play Phonenix approach.

Is NT making the game less enjoyable? (Official Forums, Apr 2014)
TinyGrimes takes a broader look at Nekrium-Tempys decks, the main housing for Phoenix. With several points on how Phoenix plays in this context, it’s interesting to read that, “the scariest part about N/T is that Phoenix is not the most oppressive element of its current build.” Yikes!


Why It’s OP?

It wins games by accident.


Why It’s Balanced?

Games that are perfectly balanced are boring.


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