Deck of the Week Video: NT Zombies


May 8, 2014 by cmustewart

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Welcome to the first Deck of the Week video!

Each week, I will be taking a new constructed deck into the queue and playing all 4 rounds with commentary. Have a deck you’d like to see played? Post in the comments!

This week, I’ve chosen the deck I grind the constructed queues with: NT Zombies.



  1. Diego Rivera says:

    Hey CMUStewart, I liked the videos and thanks for sharing! Some background music would add to the entertainment. Also, I would like to know, what strategy do you use against the AU Flex decks that sprung up in the constructed tournaments after the recent FWIQ? I think I’m 50% against that deck with NT Zombies and after playing AU Flex myself in the tournaments, I kept getting stomped by the versions that had Gargoyle. In fact, I would like to see your next video series covering the AU Flex deck.

    • cmustewart says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually been taking the AU Flex deck out for a spin, and will likely be doing my next video with that deck. I’ve found the AU Flex deck to be a rather difficult matchup, with Epidemic and Savant playing key roles depending on their leveling strategy. Savant and Epidemic both help take the sting out of double creatures and gargoyle.

  2. Mathemagician says:

    Great videos! I really enjoyed your comments. I am surprised to be saying this, but I think it’d be worth doing another video with some music. More preferable, however, would be to find some way to fill the silence when you are waiting for your opponent to make a move. There were a few times in the videos where I found that to be a bit slow. Depending on your comfort level, you might find that you may establish more of a connection with your audience if you had a small window doing a feed from your webcam, like many streamers do. Let me stress that these are minor comments, and the videos were really great.

    Again, fantastic videos. I learned a lot and am excited to try the deck. If this is a weekly column, I will definitely be a weekly visitor 🙂

    • cmustewart says:

      Thanks for the feedback! It looks like I need to get some music, which is something that I usually look for in a gaming stream.

  3. Duncan says:

    First time here, but won’t be my last! Thanks for the video as I’ve been playing this deck so it was helpful to see someone else pilot it to get some more tips.

    One question: What is your opinion on Shallow Grave in this deck? I’ve been playing 1 with some relative success, using it on Zimus, Shambler, and Phoenix. It’s possible it is just “too cute” though and not really necessary.

    • cmustewart says:

      I think I’d agree with the “too cute” assessment. If you want to run a random spell, I’d much prefer Varna’s Pact.

  4. scruben says:

    It should have been obvious that you were playing against metaminds game one, but you say that you’re probably playing against AU flex even though there is a metamind operator in play. It didn’t make much of a difference, but it’s important to know.

    • cmustewart says:

      Teammates said the same thing, just didn’t click right away. When I think of Metamind Operator, I think of an AU Unlegendary deck that Hectares developed and we tested for the Metamart Invitational.

  5. Joe Hammerman says:

    Cool video. Any chance you could do a Drix deck? Or are they not viable in the current meta, given the proliferation of Xraths will?

    Speaking to that point, is there any synergy with Drix and Tempys? I’m intrigued by the possibility of of aggressive Drix hitting the board and giving all Metaminds his huge attack boost on the first round, but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet myself. Maybe I’m missing a Korok play set?

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