Forum Round-Up: Constructed Brew


May 9, 2014 by Hectares

The Strategy Discussion board of the official forums is a great place to find new decks before they get popular in the queue and either try them out or figure out how to beat them. Here are a few decks generating some discussion in the forum lately.


AT Robility post by wigglewolf, Apr 26

wigglewolf explains his take on a new Alloyin Tempys brew: “Basically, it marries the mobility package from the NT Removal variant with the robots package.”


Leafkin Aggression post by Stautmeister, May 5
Stautmeister takes Uterra Tempys to its most aggressive limits: “Your opponent is guaranteed to ragequit at the end of PL1 / start of PL2 if all goes well.”


Big Dumb Undead post by S1AL, Apr 21

S1AL posted this “wide-tall” Nekrium Uterra brew before the most recent qualifier: “Your goal is to either get ahead on board by building bigger/faster creatures in all lanes, or else create a massive GGD.”


What are you brewing?


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