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May 7, 2014 by Hectares

This week’s official Tournament Report features a statistic many players have been waiting for: win rate. “These are the top 50 players with at least twenty matches played in Constructed tournaments this week ranked by win percentage.”

This metric help shed light on just how many games it takes to make it to the top of the constructed queue, and who’s pushing the upper limits of skill in this game.

SquatsIn 80 games this week I was able to win 71.3% giving me spot 22 on the list and a 57-23 record. Avoiding just a handful of those losses would sustain my competitive SolForge play indefinitely. This seems like a good starting point for improving my game, though, I have a lot of room to grow compared to this week’s #1.

Over 44 games Hope was able to win 86.4% of the time, for a 38-6 record on the week. Phenomenal! I’m hoping SBE keeps the data flowing and brings us even more ways to test our might.

All Sock appearances in this week’s report:

Most Constructed Wins:
evilweevil666 62
Hectares 57
eoj986 55
oscarn 46
Turkis 40
ntillerman 36

Constructed Win Rate:
Hectares 71.3% 80
ntillerman 69.2% 52
eoj986 68.8% 80

We’ll see you in the queues!


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