1. Cinanul says:

    Way way waaaaay beyond what I expected. Thank you! Great job Konan.

    One note: Making the most of starter deck isn’t linking.

  2. Kestralb says:

    This is awesome! I will definitely be pointing new players to this article.

  3. John S says:

    Very well put together and easy to understand. Thanks!

  4. rjdavoli says:

    Konan, great job! I learned several new things from this guide. Thanks for taking the time to pack so much useful information into this article!

  5. Snouty says:

    Great article. But you may want to update the section on steam purchases with Mac / iOS


  6. Kyle says:

    Hey Konan,
    I came on here specifically to give you a suggestion. I have been playing for a long time now, and used your original draft guide to really learn the ins and outs of it, it was amazing:


    I’m now introducing a couple friends to the game because the Android client just came out, and they are struggling in draft. I pointed them to this guide as well because it is STILL relevant even after all the changes, it was that good. My suggestion is simple, make this a Ghox’s Socks article and update it! It’d go great to add to your new players section, and you did such a good job on the first one I think it is worth revisiting.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this community!

  7. Ellen says:

    Thanks for your help!
    This is awesome, especially the free packs…
    Just got two heroics out of there.
    Solforge is such an awesome game, before I started I would not have thought a card game could be as deep and addictive as this.
    And the community is great! So much help you get, and everybody is welcoming to newcomers!

  8. Hexydia says:

    Thanks a lot for that nice and so useful beginner’s guide.

    I made a french translation to share on french forum, links and copyrights working, i’d like to know if i can use it and share it with you.

  9. Hexydia says:

    Link of the french translation share, “jeux online” forum:


  10. Guximtar says:

    Hi! Thanks for the guide! I’ll be surfing around to learn more about the game specially about building the deck that I’ll love playing with.

  11. Kaelari says:

    might point out that ladder tournaments give gold prizes to random participants. also “You will not only find a leaderboard there, but also nice prices for winning the ladder and some limited rarity tournaments.” Think you mean prizes not prices…

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