Silver Lining #1: Weaving Death


May 3, 2014 by MyrMaster

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural article of Silver Lining. The purpose of this column is to provide new SolForge players with some viable deck options that rely solely on the forging system to put together. No actual money required. This article will use a budget of 94,000 silver for its decklists, which is the starting 10,000 plus around 4,000 a day from getting all your daily rewards (three wins a day, online or offline) for three weeks. The decks in these articles may not be able to thrive in the tournament queues, but they can hold their own in the random queues to win rewards while you build up your collection.

When you first start playing, I highly recommend reading Making the Most of the Starter Decks for ideas on decks you can build right off the bat with your starting collection. That will hold you over while you save up silver for those first few weeks. I highly recommend you use any tickets you receive for drafting, as drafting is an excellent way to quickly build up your collection, even if you don’t win the draft.



The Deck


Today we will build a Nekrium/Uterra deck around Tarsus Deathweaver.


The goal of the deck is to abuse Deathweaver’s ability by playing lots of cards that make tokens, swarming the board. It is an aggressive build that wants to win the game as quickly as possible, ideally before player level 3 rolls around.


The Cards


Tarsus Deathweaver: The centerpiece of the deck, we’ll want to play as many as we can over the course of the game.




Death Seeker/Corpulent Shambler/Grove Matriarch: The first style of token generators in this deck, both of these creatures replace themselves after they die. The tokens they make will be buffed by our Deathweavers, leading to extra card value.


Branchweaver Druid/Brighttusk Sower: The other style of token generator, these creatures create a token in another lane when they come into play. Thanks to the buffs from our Deathweavers, you will often be able to trade each half of one of these cards for a full card’s worth of value, causing you to gain card advantage.


springdryad3Spring Dryad: With all the extra creatures entering play thanks to our token generators, Dryad can grow larger than normal. You’ll usually only be able to trade evenly with her at player level 1, but her level 2 and 3 will grow huge, and have the potential to take over a game all by themselves.


Ferocious Roar: Roar gets stronger the more creatures you have out when you play it. Since we plan on making lots of tokens and swarming our opponent, Roar is a natural inclusion. Playing Roar with 5 full lanes is a sure way to win a game, or at least get waaay ahead on board.


Swampmoss Lurker: There are some big creatures out there. Lurker is great at trading for the huge higher level creatures the opponent plays during player level 2 and 3. Also, once we’re ahead on board presence, he can put some serious pressure on the opponent to help close out the game.




Corpse Crawler: With the plethora of expendable tokens lying around, and a creature that even seeks death, Corpse Crawler’s drawback loses most of its bite.


blightwalker1Blight Walker: Every deck needs some amount of removal for when things don’t go as planned. Blight Walker serves this role excellently for us, doubling as a threat is we buff him. Unlike spell-based removal, he can poke in for extra damage if ignored.


The List


3 Ferocious Roar (2 x 32500 = 65000)
3 Tarsus Deathweaver (3 x 1400 = 4200)
3 Spring Dryad (3 x 1400 = 4200)
2 Blight Walker (2 x 1400 = 2800)
3 Death Seeker (3 x 150= 450)
3 Brighttusk Sower (3 x 150 = 450)
3 Corpulent Shambler (3 x 150 = 450)
3 Branchweaver Druid (3 x 150 = 450)
2 Corpse Crawler (3 x 150=450)
3 Grove Matriarch (1 x 150 = 150)
2 Swampmoss Lurker (2 x 150 = 300)





During Player Level 1 (PL1): Focus on making good trades and spreading as wide as possible. Prioritize leveling up Deathweavers, Sowers, and Shamblers. Deathweavers or Dryads make a better first turn play than anything else in the deck. Make sure you level at least one or two Blight Walkers also, as they will be useless in PL2 and PL3 if you don’t. Avoid leveling Lurkers unless you need to block a specific high-health threat (Battle Technician, Ebonskull Knight, etc).


During PL2: Continue to flood the board, using Deathweavers and Roars to buff your team and take over the board. If you get a level 2 Dryad, play it and try to follow it up with a something that makes a token when it enters play. Level 2 Dryad can warp a game if used well. Try to win by the end of PL2 if you can, using Lurkers as needed.


During PL3: You should be ahead on board if things are going as planned. Flood the board with your as many large creatures as you can and Roar to finish off your opponent. Level 3 Deathweavers are especially good, because they can turn the tokens from under leveled cards into relevantly sized creatures and help mitigate unlucky hands full of low level cards. Alternatively, if you can keep a level 3 Dryad around for a few turns, it can grow absurdly large and overpower an opponent for the win.




echowisp3As your collection grows, here are some great cards to look out for to improve this deck.


Echowisp: Arguably the best token generator in the game.


Leafkin Progenitor: Can take over a game all by itself, and just gets better with Deathweaver for a friend.


Epidemic: A great counterpart to Roar, excellent removal that leads to lots of card advantage.


Hopefully this article was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to PM me, MyrMaster, in the forums. Also, feel free to challenge me online or to submit a budget deck idea for a future column. See you next time.


  1. Leslie says:

    Excellent article! Look forward to more F2P decks 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    Enjoyed the article. first time on the site reading through all your posts. Would not mind seeing an article for people who have been playing for a month or so, have an okayish collection but not enough to build a tier 1 deck

    • MyrMaster says:

      I’ll see what I can do. The next one is going to be similar to this one, but maybe after that I could do one aimed at a larger collection.

  3. ElectricTuba says:

    As a very new player, cheap and effective decks like this are incredibly helpful. I’m enjoying the game much more with something more cohesive than whatever I could put together. Thanks for the article.

  4. Hellbound says:

    Thanks for the help I really enjoy this deck and have enjoyed the game more because of it. I only had enough silver for 1 roar but a card I found cheap (150 silver) and has worked well with death seeker or cards with a negative counter on them is spirit leash.

    • Zen says:

      Thanks spirit leash was a good temporary alternative. I also got a grave pact (1400) to tide me over til i had enough for roar, helped with clearing the enemies too.

      Possibly Fleshfiend as one of the future Improvements i’m targetting

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