Silver Lining #2: Tempys Rush


May 29, 2014 by MyrMaster

Hello, and welcome back to another Silver Lining. The purpose of this column is to provide new SolForge players with some viable deck options that rely solely on the forging system to put together. No actual money required. This article will use a budget of 94,000 silver for its decklists, which is the starting 10,000 plus around 4,000 a day from getting all your daily rewards (three wins a day, online or offline) for three weeks. The decks in these articles may not be able to thrive in the tournament queues, but they can hold their own in the random queues to win rewards while you build up your collection.

When you first start playing, I highly recommend reading Making the Most of the Starter Decks for ideas on decks you can build right off the bat with your starting collection. That will hold you over while you save up silver for those first few weeks. Use any tickets you receive for drafting as it’s an excellent way to quickly build up your collection, even if you don’t win the draft.


The Deck


This week we will build a mono-Tempys Aggro deck. The deck aims to win as fast as possible by taking advantage of high powered mobile threats, backed up with some removal and burn.


The Cards


Stormforged Avatar


Stormforged Avatar: The poster child for this deck and the reason we are only playing one faction. As a 7/7 with mobility 1 at L1, this is quite the aggressive threat. If you use mobility wisely, you can often punch through for 14-21 damage off of this one card.


Ashurian Brawler 1Storm Caller / Cinderfist Brawler / Ashurian Brawler: These guys are your beef. Open lane them and your opponent can’t afford to ignore them.


Umbruk Glider / Rimehorn Charger / Wind Primordial: These mobile beaters all level well, ensuring you have a fighting chance if the game goes longer than you’d like.


Nargath Bruiser: A little extra health here and there can make an even trade into a favorable one, keeping a threat on the board your opponent thought they had already dealt with.


Flamestoke Shaman


Flamestoke Shaman: In addition to having a solid 6 power, Shaman can combo with either Brawler or other large threats to hit for unexpected damage by giving them Aggressive.


Magma Hound: Can be used to remove smaller blockers so that your larger threats can bash in for more damage. Also provides one more creature for your opponent to block, even if it isn’t that large.


Primordial Slam / Talin Stampede: While temporary, both of these buffs can help deal large amounts of damage and significantly cut down your opponents life expectancy.


Flame Lance / Lightning Spark: Use these to remove your opponents main threats or to clear lanes for your large attackers. Both can also win games by dealing the last few points of damage.


The List


3 Flamestoke Shaman (1 x 1400 = 1400)
3 Storm Caller (3 x 150 = 450)
3 Wind Primordial (1 x 150 = 150)
2 Stormforged Avatar (2 x 32500 = 65000)
2 Ashurian Brawler (2 x 150 = 300)
2 Magma Hound (2 x 150 = 300)
2 Nargath Bruiser (2 x 150 = 300)
2 Rimehorn Charger (2 x 150 = 300)
1 Cinderfist Brawler
1 Umbruk Glider (1 x 1400 = 1400)

3 Lightning Spark (3 x 150 = 450)
3 Flame Lance (3 x 1400 = 4200)
2 Talin Stampede (2 x 150 = 300)
1 Primordial Slam



The Plan


Attack! No complicated leveling priorities, just play the biggest threats you draw into open lanes or favorable trades. Use removal to clear lanes or take care of pesky creatures that your opponent relies on. Also look for turns where Stampede or Slam can get you extra damage. The key to winning with this deck is to force your opponent to react to it. If you keep your opponent on their back foot, always trying not to lose, then they’ll never win. Keep them up against the ropes by hitting them for lots of unexpected damage with the Shaman + Brawlers combo. Throw on a Slam too for even more damage. For that to work, you need to play Shamans in lanes 2 and 4 so they are most effective.


Over the course of a game, you will often have the choice to play a Shaman or a big beater. In such situations, you need to evaluate whether you are likely to kill your opponent soon (in which case the beater is a good play), or whether you’re better off leveling a Flamestoke for the next PL. Also, try to play mobile threats towards the middle lanes to increase their flexibility. On the flipside, play non-mobile threats to the outside. If the game goes late, look try to set up a Shaman enabled combo that can finish the game in one swing.


The Next Level


Once your collection and silver supply grows, here are some cards to look out for to improve this deck.


Rageborn Hellion 3Stormforged Avatar: This column’s budget can’t afford a third copy, but as soon as you can, get one of these. A third copy of the Avatar goes a long way.


Everflame Phoenix: Arguably the best card in the game at the moment, it is a huge mobile threat at L1, and can win all by itself if the game goes long.


Rageborn Hellion: This legendary fits very nicely with the goals of this deck, namely attacking and dealing damage.


Hopefully this article was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to PM me, MyrMaster, in the forums. Also, feel free to challenge me online or to submit a budget deck idea for a future column. See you next time.


  1. Cinanul says:

    Thanks for the article. I wish these were around when I started.

    Why not Ashurian Mystic? It’s a decent card that helps you get that last 20-30 health.

    • MyrMaster says:

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoy the articles. Mystic is certainly an option in this deck. When I ran this deck before set 2, I ran some. I went with brawn and over speed for this version, so mystic didn’t make the cut. The flamestoke shamans help fill that role, and can enable surprise damage to win. All the removal also doubles as burn and can finish off an opponent.

  2. Zwaxor says:

    I’d like to add Korok, Khan of Kadras to the list of what to buy next, possibly even near the top of the priorities. Leveling Korok aggressively goes a long way towards dealing some massive burst damage later in the game.

    • MyrMaster says:

      Korok is great to add if you want the streamlined speed version I talked about above, the big beaters and shaman can come out, and you can put in korok, ashurian mystics, and other fast creatures.

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