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May 24, 2014 by cmustewart

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Julien (Bobby) and I (CMUstewart) made a video highlighting some of the strategies in the Yetis vs AU Flex matchup using a best of 5 series. This is an experimental format, so please leave feedback as to changes you’d like to see in the format of the video.

Match-up Analysis: Yetis vs AU flex
by Bobby

CMUStewart was running Yetis built very aggressive toward AU decks, as it included 3 Thundersaurs. Typical AU Flex decks usually have very limited answers to big Thundersaurs (see the evilweevil666 VS S1AL mirror match on The Forge), and their inclusion gave him a wide variety of tools to win the matchup (Warlord, Icemage, Hellion, Thundersaur).

Bobby was running one of the many possible AU Flex lists, focusing on killing your opponent with a big Warmongered creature (typically Gargoyle, Thundersaur or Oros). While this AU Flex build works quite well in a meta skewed towards NT, it is relatively unprepared to face Icemages and Thundersaurs, and can also struggle to reclaim the board if behind.

As you can witness from the vids, it was a clean 3-0 sweep in favor of Yetis. We felt that the draws were a little bit in favor of the Yeti player, and there might have been some questionable plays, but we both felt overall that this matchup, using these two particular builds, was relatively imbalanced: Yetis could usually claim the board and snowball AU Flex in various ways.

We hope these videos illustrate how one-sided the matchup can be, provided the Yeti deck includes Thundersaur and the AU Flex deck is not well-prepared vs Yetis. We also hope that they provided the viewers with some interesting thought process and decision making in this typical matchup. Now for some homework: in preparation for these video recordings, Kyle and Bobby played another best of 5, and Bobby won 3-1 using another AU list, losing only to a Yeti nut draws.

If you’ve been running AU Flex recently, what cards do you use to shore up the Yeti matchup?

We hope you enjoyed the series, and plan to bring you more content with improved audio and faster gameplay. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions for the next episode.


  1. Phillip says:

    Thanks for making these videos. I got a lot out of them since I felt they were very instructional. The back and forth commentary was super helpful.

    I could think of two main changes to make. One would be to have the second player’s screen shown somewhere (doesn’t have to be as big, but having it visualized would have helped a lot). This would have a secondary benefit of saving some time (since the hand wouldn’t have to be described each turn), which would allow the other change to be implemented: playing 5 games instead of best of 5. That way we get to see a wider variety of games (like the games that went the other way as described in the article).

    Thanks again for making these!

  2. Supraluminal says:

    As Philip suggests, showing games that go the other way would be helpful. A 3-0 clean sweep isn’t as instructive, since it doesn’t show what the A/U player can do to win.

  3. James says:

    whats the revised FLEX list look like? what changes helped the yeti math cup in particular you think?

    • cmustewart says:

      So, we have tried a number of cards to combat the Yeti threat. Aegis Knight and Nexus Tech have been the two most successful, and they work in similar ways. Keeping damage off of your guys helps prevent warlord blowouts, which is the primary threat in the matchup. Knight keeps the board clear while leaving your guys (mostly) unharmed when paired with a sentinel or nexus tech.

  4. Daniel DuBois says:

    I watched the video because you said the “the draws were a little bit in favor of the Yeti player”. Had you been more accurate and said “the A/U drew complete ass, with lv1 hands and justicars everywhere” I could have saved time and not watched. 😛

    • cmustewart says:


      It’s a fair point though, and in the future I’ll make sure neither deck steamrolls the other unless the match is really that bad.

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