Inside the Drawer #3: Turkis and CMUStewart


June 14, 2014 by evilweevil666


Inside the Drawer is a podcast that aims to provide regular content on competitive SolForge, bringing you top level players as guests each Friday.

This week I sit down with Turkis and CMUStewart, two Ghox’s Socks teammates who both did very well at the Golden Gauntlet tournament.  We discuss how the Gauntlet went, the release of set 2.2, and more!


Inside the Drawer #3 (RSS | iTunesDownload – right click, save as…)

As always, all feedback is welcome in the comments.


  1. DareMe says:

    Turkis is the best.

  2. Table1 says:

    Why didn’t you guys link me this, lovin’ it!

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