Deck of the Week #6: NT Control


July 16, 2014 by cmustewart

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Welcome back to the Deck of the Week!

After a sizable hiatus, I’m back with a video of four games with Zwaxor’s NT Control list from the mid-July FWIQ. You’ll find his list posted below the embedded video. The deck is most notable in its omission of Grimgaunt Predator in favor of Storm Caller.

Byzerak Spitemage
Everflame Phoenix
Scorchmane Dragon
Storm Caller
Ebonskull Knight
Zimus, the Undying
Grimgaunt Devourer

Vyric’s Embrace
Cull the Weak
Glacial Crush
Shallow Grave


  1. Michael says:

    Turn down the music or leave it out completely please. Aside from parts where I wasn’t able to hear you at all, it’s also very hard to focus on your commentary when the music is more than ambient background noise.

    • Kestralb says:

      I was pretty ok with the volume level this time (much softer than commentary), and the selections were interesting.

    • Kestralb says:

      Ouch…except in game 4. Can’t hear you at all. =P
      Interesting tournament though – matched up against all very different opponents.

  2. cmustewart says:

    Sorry about the sound in the Mono-Alloyin match. I’m currently uploading a fixed copy, I just forgot to normalize the music volume on that video.

    As per the music in general, I find that it is needed to cover up the “jet engine” noise my laptop fan makes while I’m recording.

  3. V says:

    I am surprised that you are running so many tempys cards alongside byzerak spitemage. I have gotten to the point where she will be the ONLY red card in an NT deck simply because I all too often hit hands that cannot trigger her allied power resulting in a rampant on the other side of the board that I was specifically leveling her to address.

    • cmustewart says:

      I hadn’t though about the ratio, but now that you mention it, things are only slightly skewed Nek. That being said, with a 50/50 deck you will still trigger allied the majority of the time. After 6-7 queues with the deck, I can’t recall a single time where I needed to play spitemage but couldn’t trigger allied.

  4. kjax says:

    The music is still wildly loud. I have complained about this in your past videos too, but I keep coming back. Just wish we could hear you better!

    • cmustewart says:

      I promise to try and find a happy medium.
      I’ve just invested in a bluetooth headset, which I didn’t have when I recorded this video.
      Hopefully, not recording via the laptop mic should eliminate the laptop fan noise and thus the need for music.

  5. V3ng3vin3 says:

    First time seeing content like this for Solforge and more people need to do this.

  6. kjax says:

    Any advice on how to play this deck vs the yeti matchup? I’m not sure if I’m just misidentifying the matchup but I have had no luck vs Yetis.

  7. Snarf says:

    This has been my weapon of choice since the Thunderbots days due (originally) to card availability. It has always been solid and I liked Zwaxor’s “drop the Predators” plan.

    I recently had a little trouble with Alloyin so the last time I had someone drop Ghox on Turn 1 I just thought…”ok lets just go aggro” and went Ebonskull, Stormcaller and then didn’t look back. Sample size of one, but I think the theory holds. Ironmind not only smooths their deck out but once they’re clicking it is also basically a Zimus. You have to be able to change speeds there.

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