Forum Round-Up: Balance, Power Cards, and the Metagame


July 7, 2014 by Hectares

The influx of new cards has made the metagame extremely diverse. This has given cards that previously did not see competitive play a chance to shine, and is shedding light on the intricacies of balance.


How Do You Define a Balanced Game? by Daveuf

Daveuf looks for insight into what balance means to other community members.


Five Cards I Would Rebalance by Aior

Aior identifies five cards that could use a tune-up to make Constructed play more fair and more fun. His prediction that not everyone would agree was wise, and there are already several great points made particularly on the shortcomings of Oreian Justicar in relation to Tarsus Deathweaver.


Does Tarsus Need a Nerf? by actionjack

This post follows Aior’s nicely. Tarsus Deathweaver has recently surged in popularity and for some players there doesn’t seem to be an acceptable answer.


Why Was Phoenix Nerfed? by Shaco

Here we have the aftermath of a nerf and some insight into how it was received by the community. This question is asked without prejudice and has prompted not only thoughtful responses by other players but also some insider info by SBE’s own Brian Kibler.


Should SBE Buff… by spikeching

To round out the conversation it’s fun to look at some of the cards that aren’t getting played but could be if they were adjusted slightly for the current cardpool. Interestingly since we don’t know what SBE plans to release next, these could be some of the cards that gain traction when future sets and add-ons reshape the metagame.


  1. Alex says:

    I am always wary of nerfs, quite often the metagame can adapt fine without having to nerf cards unless there is some overy powered ones. For instance, Zimus is no longer all that dominant with several of the new decks folks make. You still need to take him into account, but that is fine imo.

    Granted, I am no expert in solforge yet, but from other card games and many years of playing MTG, the meta seems to adapt just fine regardless, and its better to buff others rather than nerf.

    At least, that is how I see it! 🙂

    • evilweevil666 says:

      Well said, I completely agree! More often than not the meta finds ways to work itself out. However, there are a couple of circumstances that I understand nerfing cards, which are basically when a card is very powerful and also incredibly unfun to play against.

      I was supportive of the phoenix nerf because of this. It was simply too powerful for a random effect. I don’t find zimus to be a problem personally, but thinking about it in this way helps me understand why others want a nerf. I think there are more ways to play around it than others realize, but it creates very frustrating board states.

      Great comment!

  2. Aior says:

    Thanks for bringing my post up :). I’m also usually in favor of no change and have the meta game adapt by itself. 3 points I want to mention. 1) I have so much fun when games become very tactical and yeti does not allow me to do that, so does nuada. They just run over me without much effort and I can only watch them do so. I think with some of the changes (do not apply them all please!) they would still have an edge but I would see myself have a game at least. 2) every card needs to have a weak point, yeti have xraths will and maybe that’s an enough reason not to change them. Tarsus has no weak points and that’s my issue and this what I wanted to point out with my justicar whining. 3) I have done 500games but maybe I should also try other deck and see it from their perspective (I have played AU flex, AN, NT, NT tarsus, yeti, Zombie), maybe does yeti/nuada match up are fine and then nothing need to be changed. I mean I’m really open for any discussion and if no changes are made I would not quit solforge 🙂

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