A Great Moment from the June Qualifier


July 1, 2014 by Hectares

The June ForgeWatch Invitational Qualifier was challenging and the diverse field made for some memorable games. In round five of the Swiss I faced off against JMO101 and my 3-1 record meant that dropping this match would make continuing to the elimination rounds unlikely.

This screenshot shows a turn that had potential to decide the outcome of the match.


Situations like this happen frequently when playing the AU Flex archetype, and it’s important to consider every card for both present and future value. In the screenshot the game has gone late and I am looking to end things as soon as possible.

I went with the following line for immediate pressure and to give myself good options on the next turn:

Move Brightsteel Gargoyle 3 (Lane 4) to Lane 2
Play Thundersaur in Lane 4
Play Ferocious Roar
Move Brightsteel Gargoyle in Lane 3 to Lane 1
End Turn

The next few turns played out in my favor and I attribute the win to keeping both Gargoyles alive this turn, which limited the number of outs my opponent had to their big damage and high mobility.



  1. Mappo says:

    I think I prefer using the patriarch to kill the Oros in 4, and warmonger modding your Oros. You do a bit more damage this turn, and you also basically ensure that your Oros will be able to kill whatever blocks it next turn, even with Tarsus on the board, and maybe even get a bit more damage in.

    That being said, if he had removal in his deck that can handle a 6 health Oros and not an 8 health Oros I’d probably go the other route.

    • Hectares says:

      Single Mod on my Oros was tempting but too risky with his leveled removal. Interestingly, playing Roar actually put more damage on than Mod (13 compared to 10?) that turn because of the bigger body in front of his Oros.

  2. Alex says:

    May I ask what kind of deck you use for AU Flex? I have been toying with a AU Thunderbots kind of thing recently, but this Flex elx thing is quite interesting.

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