Inside the Drawer #5 (with giveaway!)


July 15, 2014 by evilweevil666

Inside the Drawer is back after a brief hiatus.  Over that time we’ve worked to bring you a couple of exciting changes, including TinyGrimes as the cohost and giveaways galore!

This was a big week in SolForge, so TinyGrimes and I discuss the cards being released today, the distribution model, and the current constructed metagame.


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As always, all feedback is welcome in the comments.


goatnoteEd. note: We have a winner… congrats, Lathariel!


  1. BileGuzzler says:

    Cindersmoke is the wyven that always wished it could be a dragon.
    Ironmind is the gnome that a always wished it could be a metamind.
    And the 2.3 release is the model that always wish it could be…I don’t know. I’m not sure that it wishes it could be anything else. Seems pretty neat to me!

  2. Simon says:

    Ironmind Acolyte looks amazing, can’t wait to try it, but I hope they also release the cards in boosters besides the starters.

  3. Adam says:

    Every card previewed looks interesting. I am particularly excited for Cindersmoke Wyvern and the new hydra. I play a mono-Tempys move deck fairly often, and it really needs this! I use Emberwind Evoker, Abraxas, and Talin Stampede for buffs, so it should be a really great card at all levels. The hydra is exciting, too, just because MORE HYDRA. I am a sucker for these creatures and put them in all sorts of decks they shouldn’t be in. Hoping against hope for hydra tribal someday, even if just one card.

    The distribution model is neat, too. I just pumped all my gold into tickets for the amazing legendary draft or I’d be picking these up right away. Hopefully I’ll manage to get them soon.

  4. snouty says:

    I like the new distribution model. Buying a known commodity is a lot more appealing than buying packs that may or may not have good stuff in it. Plus if you’re willing to front the cash, you can have what you want right away, ideal for an IAP economy. Curious to see how successful the model is. I hope they rake in piles of money and we get more cool stuff faster as a result.

  5. Hydroclasm says:

    I can’t say too much about the distribution model as a f2p player, but the community decks do seem pretty nice – knowing what you’ll get is much better than just hoping RNG favours you.

    The hydra looks interesting, I could see it snowballing a bit with breakthrough. The Nekrium card draw creature looks like it could make a really fun deck with Dr Frankenbaum. The Allomancer is possibly my favourite; I know it’s not quite as good as the Synapsis oracle but I’ve always like Alloyin’s extra levelling mechanics and that ability appearing at Heroic level makes it a lot more accessible, plus it’s possible to get in draft!

  6. tom says:

    I like the new distribution model as it’s cheaper to get the new cards. The new cards are interesting but I don’t think they’ll change the meta.

  7. Lathariel says:

    I think the new distribution model is better than the specific packs. If we got a new booster for all the small releases, the store would get a little too confusing. Now of course same can be said about the pre-cons but I’d guess they’ll get rotated in and out from time to time.
    I was excited for Wyvern, but after seeing both legendaries in action my new favorite is the Gnome. There’s just so much potential with him working with pact and shallow grave.

  8. Mathieu says:

    The preconstructed decks are a great idea for a distribution model. Way better value than just having CotD or specific packs. Also, having the community participate in creating the decks and have the creators spoil them and battle on stream was awesome and entertaining. It really helps create hype around the new cards in my opinion.

  9. Diego Rivera says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the podcast. I enjoy this series a lot. In regards to the distribution model, I like the community decks because the new legendary cards are in there. The only other thing I would have liked, as you both mentioned, is the option to buy Heroic 2.3 Packs. I used to buy the patch packs to fill out my collection of commons, rares, and heroics – legendary cards would just be bonus and I could wait a month to forge them if they weren’t so hot that I needed to buy them (and could afford it at the time). So I am missing those right now, but maybe they can be released with the subsequent community decks :-).

    In regards to busti’s list, busti and Bmooberry are working on a write up about the NT Flamebreak deck he used to Top 8 the recent FWIQ with – so keep an eye out for it. Mini-Spoiler: there may have been strange 1-ofs due to collection issues :-0!

    Finally, about Bryan’s decklist, I have been playing a bit of Aegis Knight with Arcflight Squadron and adding Vault Blockade was on my list of things to do. So when I saw his list, I was both excited (by the Squadrons) and baffled (by the 2-of Gargoyles). I built the deck immediately but with Gargoyle as a 3-of and Justicar as a 2-of. I too would love to see if there was a specific reason why Bryan only used 2 Gargoyles.

  10. Jeff says:

    I think the distribution model is a nice change. I just wish that 2.3 was released all at once instead of making us wait a couple more weeks for 8 more cards. I really want to open all my packs, but now I have to wait for 2.3.2.

    I was thinking about Tiny’s comment about a board clearing card. I think a great Nekrium Legendary would be a card with Deathweaver type stats 5/6, 9/10, 15/16 that cast Epidemic when played. Maybe that would be overpowered, but would help handle Ironmind, lotus and other fill wide decks.

  11. Gabo says:

    Great episode today. Tiny really adds a lot to the podcast. He’s got a great personality, he’s funny, a great speaker and he has very intelligent and interesting things to say. I do hope he becomes a permanent co-host.
    I found the idea of asking community representatives to create decks fascinating. I think its great and really makes it feel like the community is participating in the creation of the game. Precon decks that feature new cards fro the mini expansion are a great way to distribute the new cards, though for me its unexciting.
    At this point, I’m not sure if they are trickling down cards in the mini expansions because they don’t have time to finish programming them or because they are deliberately just throttling their release to keep interest up

    • Sunlandic says:

      @Gabo TinyGrimes has his own stream usually 3-4 times a week.

      I like the new distribution model, I just really don’t like the staggered release of 2.3 For some reason having more cards in certain factions makes the game feel off-balance (not imbalanced!). Given the efficiency of buying decks I don’t think the heroic packs of 2.3 are needed.

      Lots of talk about the legendaries, but I tend to play more draft, so I’ll approach from there. I don’t think either heroics will have much impact, as the Tempys one just seems bad, while I don’t feel like A/N tends to want to play a lot of bombs when they have so much goodstuff, making the Oracle somewhat backseat. I have actually had some success with Titan, despite my initial doubts, and while I would prefer Charnel Titan 90% of the time it could have its place, especially if you also got luck and grabbed an epi or two (though having to play the spell first makes him not that big a fan of group meal). Sorrow Harvester is predictably middling, and the bear is unsurprisingly solid. I could see the Hydra being good with Savage Oath, but without that particular card I just don’t see him competing with his brethren.

      • valpok says:

        I had a double epidemic, double legion titan, group meal draft the other day, and ended up never playing the legion titans at all. Maybe that’s a factor of the other cards I had (decent A/N goodstuff), but I agree that it does seem easier to make charnal titan trigger.

        Maybe we should run Charnal as part of a debuff plan, and Legion as part of a counter to grow-wide strategies? So Legion ends up taking a specific role against grow-wide (like Justicar vs. tokens) rather than being part of a deck’s main plan.

  12. Snipercc5 says:

    As a beginner I am thankful for the community decks. I have been practicing my deck building, which at the moment is horrible. This new distribution model gives me a pretty good deck to practice with, allowing me to increase my in match skills, but also my deck building skills. My decks are starting to look a lot better thanks to it, in addition to also listening to your podcasts and Tiny’s stream.

  13. kjax says:

    Thanks for the podcast again! Always look forward to it. As for the distribution model, I personally love it. I am not a whale, just a moderately spending player, but having the option to just buy the cards is great I think.

    Unfortunately, I have 3 copies of the other legends in the decks so it is less of a must buy for me personally. I’ll be waiting for the next cycle of decks.

  14. Supraluminal says:

    I don’t love precon decks because I don’t like having to buy a bunch of cards I don’t want to get the one(s) I do. I think they’re a good item to offer because I know they work for some customers, it’s just that I’d personally rather buy individual cards if the prices work out similarly. (Actually I rarely buy any cards at all because I find SBE’s pricing to be too high, but that’s a separate issue.) Better than packs, though!

    As for the cards themselves, both legendaries look really good in the right deck. The rest of what we’ve seen so far appears to be either aimed at draft or outright bad; hopefully we see more love at lower rarities in the next chunk of 2.3.

  15. Astyanaax says:

    As others have said, the constructed decks are a better option than the packs, especially with 2 legendaries. As a fan of Tempys, I’m glad to see the Wyvern. I understand the desire to have everything come out at once, but I am OK with the lag time in the distribution. Releases happen frequently with this game, so having some wait time is fine. It gives others a little more time to catch up on cards that other players have already accumulated. As for potential new cards, I’m sure SBE will release a copy-cat card, as they already have one in Ascension. I’m assuming it would be a gated legendary Alloyin.

    Glad to see Grimes on the podcast. For future episodes, it would be great to hear about draft strategies and the draft “meta”. I feel like draft is more difficult now. Perhaps its better players, new cards, better strategies. It would be great to hear the discussion.

  16. thegodofcheese says:

    I LOVE the new Acolyte. Been trying out Kitfinity myself, and it seems to make everything work just that much better. The interaction with Varna’s Pact as well makes for some really long and complex turns, but that’s what combo decks are all about!

    The wyvern looks most promising in an UT build with roar and patriarch and could possibly be a big card for the metagame.

    Overall the release isn’t my favorite, as there’s no way for players to easily acquire the new cards without spending $ on precons. Other than that you’re just adding more legendaries to the current boosters, rendering your chances harder to finish out the older set at the same time. If you do have $30 to spend for a playset, it’s great to get extra deck slots too I guess! Hopefully they’ll bring back the 2.2 Heroic pack or something of the sort for better chances of getting just the cards you want instead of flooding it with older things you may already have playsets of.

  17. Llama says:

    great content you guys have here! i was an avid part of the magic community until it got to be too much for my current business level and even with all the podcasts that they have, yours still shines above almost all of them. Great info and it stays on track without being super linear and boring (the 2 downfalls of most spoken word radio). keep it up!

  18. Redbeastmage says:

    The Acolyte is way to much fun to play with in any alloyan draw cards deck. Ghox turns it on in PL1, but in PL2+ adepts, surges, ghox, and more are all enablers, which ends up giving you almost your entire deck per player level.

  19. Jeff Dougan says:

    I’m ‘eh” on the distribution model, mostly because I think the prices are more than I want to pay right now. I’ve put in about as much as a hobby board game, and that’s about what my finances permit at the moment.

    The Gnome looks really cool to me. But, I really want to see the Uterra legendary, too.

  20. Erekose13 says:

    I’m not a big fan of the new model. I’m a low budget player, keeping it to $10 or less per month. This makes it very hard to get many of the new cards (‘specially coming so close to the Steam sale). It will be nice to pick and choose which legendary if I go that way next month, but the weekend warrior model of 2.2 worked much better for getting at least the common through heroic cards. I do really like the Wyvern though so hopefully my luck at pulling mostly Tempys legendaries will pay off.

  21. Mathemagician says:

    Great podcast! For me, this was the most successful distribution model. There was a card I wanted, ironmind, and so I bought three of the precon decks. Previously I spent significantly less on boosters because they were so random. Then Technonaut trounced me with wyvern, and I nearly impulse-bought three of those (then decided to wait to see what the Ghox’s Socks precon will be).

  22. Jim H says:

    Who winneth the prize?

    • Hectares says:

      Lathariel won it and has been contacted. Thanks for the question, I’ve added this to the bottom of the post and seeing how successful this is we will likely do some more of these, possibly again on the next episode of Inside the Drawer.

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