Precon Battle Preview: Pion vs. Ghox’s Socks


July 30, 2014 by Hectares

Update: Decklists and vod now available – Community Precon Battle: Pion vs. Ghox’s Socks!

Here’s a quick preview of the Socks vs. Pion precon battle via the official announcement:

– Pion will be battling Ghox’s Socks
– These are the last unreleased Rise of the Forgeborn (Set 2) cards
– Event starts at 9PM PDT on
– There will be giveaways
– Decks will be available shortly after the exhibition match
– Once the precons are on sale the new cards can be opened in draft/packs


9PM PDT time zone conversion (thanks David!)

Coverage will be made available on for those that can’t watch live.

Decklists will be posted to shortly after the live coverage ends.


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  1. James Barrow says:

    Damn that time difference- the match starts at 5 in the morning over here in England…

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