RotF 2.3 Precon + Add-On Spoiler Round-Up


July 10, 2014 by Hectares


This post will be updated as new spoilers are released.

Precon Decks

In a news post, SBE announced that two preconstructed decks would be showcased by community members in a live showdown. The first battle took place on July 11 and vods are available from ForgeWatch and TinyGrimes.

“The decks from this matchup will go live in the SolForge store for purchase at noon PDT next Tuesday, July 15th. We’ll give you more information about the next match in a few weeks when it gets closer!”

  • TinyGrimes featuring Cindersmoke Wyvern (list)
  • ForgeWatch featuring Ironmind Acolyte (list)
  • Pion
  • Ghox’s Socks

Since this mini-release is a bit different than the previous two, we’ll be considering how to best bring you the spoiler coverage and card analysis as the cards are revealed.


Spoiler Stats

Total spoilers: 11/16

Rarity breakdown: Legendary – 3 | Heroic – 4 | Rare – 1 | Common – 3

Faction breakdown: Alloyin – 2 | Tempys – 2 | Uterra – 3 | Nekrium – 4


Cards Spoiled


#1: Cindersmoke Wyvern (Tempys – Legendary)

Spoiled live during a TinyGrimes Featured Stream on July 10. According to Tiny, the card will be included as part of a preconstructed deck that he has been working on with SBE and he will be playing it on stream when it hits the store.

Move, breathe fire, move some more, burn face.


#2: Umbruk Icecrusher (Tempys – Heroic)

Spoiled live during a TinyGrimes Featured Stream on July 10.

Cinderfist Brawler, dinosaur edition.


#3: Onyxium Allomancer (Alloyin – Heroic)

Spoiled on a news post on July 10.

An oddish Synapsis Oracle with some Onyxium flavor. Looks like an interesting first pick in draft.


#4: Ironmind Acolyte (Alloyin – Legendary)

Spoiled on a Forum post by Kit on July 11.

“And the next non-free card you play is free this turn.” Are there more beautiful words? Cercee’s “Deal damage to that player equal to their health,” probably competes, but once you go Kitfinite, aren’t they basically the same thing?


#5: Sorrow Harvester (Nekrium – Common)

Spoiled in a comment on /r/SolForge by Kit on July 11.

Souls, organs, sorrows – is there anything that can’t be harvested?


#6: Legion Titan (Nekrium – Rare)

Spoiled during the ForgeWatch vs TinyGrimes precon preview stream by #teamforgewatch on July 11.

Zombies! This guy illustrates how Group Meal works. When an opposing creature with low attack value is on the board, Zombies instinctively respond through hunger, and after eating some portion of them, end up incorporating elements into themselves. Science!


#7: Stranglevine Hydra (Uterra – Common)

Spoiled during the ForgeWatch vs TinyGrimes precon preview stream by #teamtinygrimes on July 11.

Cavern Hydra. Lysian Hydra. Deepbranch Ancient. Abraxas, Avatar of Kadras. Stranglevine. Hydras everywhere!


#8: Fangwood Bear (Uterra – Common)

Spoiled during the ForgeWatch vs TinyGrimes precon preview stream by #teamtinygrimes on July 11.

Bear. 6/10/16. Fangwood must be fun.


#9: Nethershriek (Nekrium – Legendary)

Spoiled here and via @GhoxsSocks during the first World Championship Qualifier on July 26.

Shriek! See my article, 2.3 Preview: Nethershriek, for a brief introduction and concept decklist.


#10: Byzerak Frostmaiden (Nekrium – Heroic)

Spoiled live at on July 27.



#11: Esperian Steelplate (Uterra – Heroic)

Spoiled on a /r/SolForge post by Community Precon maker Pion on July 29.

Bring on the insect repellent. This bug doesn’t look like much at first but a free Soothing Radiance every turn is very appealing and that Armor stacks up.


#12: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SPOILER or RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Seriously, we can’t wait!



  1. Supraluminal says:

    Wyvern looks to be crazy with a capital CRAZY.

  2. Redbeastmage says:

    Thanks for moving so quick Ghox’s Socks!

  3. Geothrix says:

    Great content guys. Keep up the good work!

  4. Zwaxor says:

    So much like bears have long been the baseline two-drop creature in Magic, we have a straight-up Rule-of-6 bear in SolForge.

  5. Kestralb says:

    What? No new spoilers all weekend?? You should put up an exclusive one from the Ghox’s Socks deck!!

    • Hectares says:

      (╯⌒ ͜ʖ⌒)╯

      • KestralB says:

        We have entered a dark and desolate between-time, a parched land devoid of hope and bereft of new spoilers. The hearts of the people faint with longing; day after day their cries of anguish go unanswered.
        “Where are the rest of the 2.3 spoilers?” they ask in tormented confusion, cracked lips painfully forming the desperate syllables.
        “When can we finally rest?”

  6. Kestralb says:

    NT Mobility will be a good deck yet!

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