Embracing the Hunger for Vampires


August 11, 2014 by Hectares

This past week’s poll ran a little longer than usual and gave ample time to confirm Vampires > Bees > Kibler Playmats when it comes to demand for tribes in Set 3.

Let’s take a look at the existing tribe and see whether they share a common theme that could be expanded on to bring some tribal support. Currently there are four Vampires and each is designed to steal something unique as long as certain circumstances are met.


Crypt Conjurer

Life: Perhaps the most straightforward of the four, Conjurer threatens to both restore health to the player and deal damage to the opponent. The only support needed is more strong Nekrium spells, however, I could see one that goes free being particularly strong.


Soul Drinker

Attack: Drinker is designed to nullify the power of your opponents biggest threat, enabling you to remove it while also presenting a threat of your own. The body is fragile so tribal support for boosting the health of other Vampires may make for a more fear inspiring drinker of souls.


Ebonskull Knight

Tempo: Knight lives on borrowed time, but while doing so applies a great deal of pressure and also protection from opposing threats. As one of the most played cards in the Nekrium faction, it’s hard to imagine giving some additional support to Knight, however, beyond surviving the rank-up which can already be done (Metasculpt, Shallow Grave), this card could benefit the player by distributing its Attack to the rest of the board. Imagine sacrificing a Knight on 1.4 in exchange for +8 Attack to the other creatures on your board.


Vyric Ebonskull

Creature: Vyric’s effect is powerful but hard to trigger. Destroying or stealing a creature from your opponent is quite the threat, however getting a creature with this effect to deal battle damage to the opponent can be very challenging. What would make Vyric better? This support card is probably too powerful to be printed, but imagine the possibilities: “Give target creature Defender until end of turn and deal Battle Damage equal to its Attack to target creature or player.”


Vampire Support

Review: Though Vampires are limited in number they are among the most interesting creatures in SolForge card design. Future ideas to explore: creature health transfer, trading player health for a card, or linking the destruction of one Vampire to the destruction of one of the opponent’s creatures. The possibilities are wide open, let’s hope we see some Vampire support in the coming releases!


This article was inspired by your votes on the most recent poll. Here’s what’s next:

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  1. MC_Sadist says:

    I have found Fleshreaver and Ebonbound Warlord from the new set works perfectly with Vyric Ebonskull. You can always use a burn spell to clear the lane for Vyric to attack but I think filling the board presents a better threat and strategic advantage. You can always give him aggressive or movement but I think he works better in a straight Nekrium deck.

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