SolForge Showdown Ep. 1 – Unheroic: AT Walls vs. NU Consistent


September 16, 2014 by Hectares

Jotto and I face off with some top decks from the recent Kael Cup Qualifier (Sept 13). Decklists are reviewed at the start and there is play commentary throughout.


  1. Kaelari says:

    You still have one month to qualify for the event via the weekly tournaments and if we can figure a time an unlegendary saturday tournament. Also ladder season 6 will give invites and byes. the total prize pool of the championship is ~300,000 gold. which is $1,000.

  2. Caitiri says:

    Tabaluga’s deck was card-for-card the deck with which I won the previous unheroic weekly. If you look at my deck from the unheroic qualifier you’ll see I’m down to 2 Spiritcleave, so I came to the same conclusion as you.

    I like only 2 Seal because it’s so bad underleveled, but it means you HAVE to level it when you see it PL1 (although games are completely winnable without it, you just have to play an aggressive tempo game). That means if you’re on the play with it you discard it (ie Game 1). I don’t think the UN deck is as much of an aggro deck as you think; it’s far more tempo-oriented, especially against the defenders deck.

    Thanks for the content guys. Wish I hadn’t punted game 3 against jotto in the qualifier (apparently you can only play 2 cards a turn…who knew?), but I liked your Darkshaper take on UN and Charnel Titan was a great call. Can’t wait for the Kael Cup!


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