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September 28, 2014 by Hectares

Justin Gary (Stone Blade Entertainment CEO) stopped by the live coverage of The Second ForgeWatch Invitational and spoiled two user interface (UI) update preview images. These are being actively developed and now is the time to contribute feedback to make sure we get the best user experience possible. You can watch the interview highlight on Twitch for the original source of information for this article.

Leave comments at /r/SolForge/comments/2hn4iq/updated_solforge_ui.

exclamation@2xThis article is accurate to the best of my knowledge, however I take both the changing nature of the development process as well the risk of misinterpretation very seriously, and want to note that the things below are open to your feedback, so make sure you ask questions and speak up if you feel you have something to add to the conversation. This post will be updated if clarifications are necessary.

Before passing judgment on the these previews, keep in mind the images are wireframes not screenshots. So they are more like second drafts than submissions of a final paper. The designs are intended for the PC client and would be very similar on tablets; the UI for phones was not discussed.


Preview Image 1: Home


Daily quests and in-game news!


Preview Image 2: Store


More content available to purchase and a better browsing experience.



Intended UI Notes

– The previews feature four major elements: header, footer, home, and store

– Other major elements appear to be: tournaments, campaign, play, collection (a.k.a. deckbuilder), store, buy gold, profile, messages, friends, help, and settings

– Daily quest component has regular dailies and new changing ones

– Updated and more intuitive forging system

– More previews including deckbuilder planned before release

– Messages: might be renamed notifications, sounds like a 1-way communication from SBE

– Achievements: planned to be visible somewhere (possibly in profile or daily quests)

– Friends: removing recently played, making it more obvious when you do a search

– Website: small improvements planned

– Full screen / resizing: priority, still experimenting with solutions

– Performance: priority for a smooth, snappy play experience



Tabled UI Notes


– Chat: In-game chat is not planned for the coming UI update

– Timer: Controversial so no current changes planned, but actively listening to feedback on this topic as they know how important it is. Turn timer and reserve bank is mentioned as Justin Gary’s favorite option, but even this has pros and cons as well.

Structures are more complex than is currently viable for SolForge UI to communicate effectively





– Set 5 confirmed

– Bees confirmed (and confirmed not for Set 4)

– SBE is listening to feedback about the frequency and size of card releases

– Another event with Forgemaster (all cards are available to participants during the event even if not owned) will be happening some time after the Kickstarter tourney

– Weekend Warrior has more possible formats than ever, post your suggestions to the forum; a precon deck only constructed event is planned but not possible yet

– Campaign / single player content benefits from Weekend Warrior development and other small updates

– Lore: Artbook will have lore in it (some time next year), campaign will have lore elements, website will have more lore, in-game large card view w/ flavor text planned but not coming soon

– New Feature: Being spoiled, possibly by Kibler, in the next week or so (soonTM)


Looking forward to more previews on this front as an improved UI will help to transition SolForge to the next tier of accessibility to a larger player base. Can’t wait!


  1. DGRivera84 says:

    It’s always great to see what SBE has in store for us and this is no different. I’m very much looking forward to the implementation of trading, but don’t want to beat a dead horse either. I would appreciate having an updated UI along with everyone else for the iPhone and iPad because that is where I play SolForge from.
    The other main comment / feedback I wanted to post is that the precons are a great idea, especially the mono-faction ones. I also really like that the legendary chests for SoS were available upon release, that was awesome! I’ve really been digging SoS and was slightly disappointed to see the sets be smaller and that only one small set was released with it. I would have liked a set 3.2! I do agree that going to 3.3 would have been too far. That said, it would be nice to see a Set 4.0 of about 80 cards (can you do 10 legendary cards?), Set 4.1 of 20, and Set 4.2 of about 20 cards. A rotation may also be nice when you get to another large set that was the size of Set 1 and 1.5.

  2. V3ng3vin3 says:


  3. DGRivera84 says:

    I also wanted to mention, it would be great to see a new cycle of Forgeborn with each release. So seeing 2 in 3.0, then 1 in 3.1 and another in a 3.2 would have been fun. It also would have been nice to see legendary SolBind cards for the other three factions. I love cycles and I’m sure there are many others out there who do as well.

  4. Kestralb says:

    Looks promising. Definitely would be an improvement over current UI.

  5. Ben says:

    I think the main updates id be interested in are:

    Status on daily quests such as:
    * Which ones are still available
    * how long until daily quests refresh
    * additional daily quests in the rotation. See war of omens as a good example.

    Auto selling surplus cards. It’s quite a pain to sell all those commons–but even worse then that it makes constructing a deck more uncertain because I cannot tell if I’ve added 3 of a card simply by knowing how many are not currently added (probably only an issue on the limited screen real estate of my iPhone– I haven’t touched the pc client in over a year).

    Performance of online games. I can’t tell, but it definitely seems like playing people takes substantially longer–not just because they take longer to go, but because of delays in card effects as I wait to resolve a card where the other player would have no impact on the turn of events.

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