Kael Cup Championship Mid-Tournament Report


October 20, 2014 by Hectares

The Kael Cup Championship (KCC) is a multi-format event bringing together a diverse group of competitors interested in claiming the title Master of All Formats.

Each of the first three days of the tournament tests a different format — Unheroic, Unlegendary, Standard — and offers players the opportunity to earn points toward a Top 16 cut for Day 4. Players making the cut will need to advance through a round of Unheroic, a round of Unlegendary, and two rounds of Standard to win the Championship and some awesome prizes including sixty thousand gold. (60,000!)


KCC Quicklist

More Information: KCC Tournament Overview
Results/Decklists: Day 1 – Unheroic | Day 2 – Unlegendary
Undefeated in Unheroic: Hectares, Zwaxor
Undefeated in Unlegendary: CarlChu


Two-Day Swiss Standings

After ten Swiss rounds the current Top 16 all have earned fifteen points or more. Three points are awarded for winning a round and one point is awarded for a draw.

27: Hectares, CarlChu
24: DmcRaze, Zwaxor
21: zrandles, Likeaboss, N3Rk
19: piquadore, Caitiri
18: Tabaluga, Aterocana, jmo101, jotto, Coxatrice (InsaneAtYou)
15: crazychan, Pion, Jabor, KxDow
(see full standings)


Format Notes

Both formats were dominated by Nekrium-Uterra (NU) decklists following well-defined archetypes. Top performers in the Unheroic event ran a combination of Plants, Overload, and the *bound underdrop cycle.

The Unlegendary event mimicked the recent World Championship Qualifier, overrun with the variations on highly consistent lists featuring Dysian Broodqueen and Bramblewood Tracker.

Here is a highlight from my experience of Day 2 in Round 5 vs. Likeaboss:



Day 3 of the event will take place in the Standard format with the same five round Swiss and the results will determine who makes the cut for Day 4. Additionally, someone will earn Best of Swiss which nets 5600 gold (in addition to any further prizes from the Top 16).

Follow Twitch.TV/Hectares for my coverage of the events Oct 25+26, 9am Pacific (noon Eastern).



A big thanks to Kaelari for organizing and providing generous prize support and the streamers who invite the community to enjoy their games.


goatnoteEd. note: An earlier note in the article incorrectly suggested that Stoneblade provided prize support for this event and has been removed.



  1. Kaelari says:

    one minor correction, SBE didn’t donate the prizes for this event.

  2. roy7 says:

    Although they didn’t crack the top spots, a number of people were running N/T move decks. Pion ran his sweet Yeti Heartseeker deck.

    I somehow managed to go 2-1 and 2-0 vs BQ with my Zombie list, but I only saw BQ twice in the swiss, losing twice to N/T move and once to Pion.

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