Set 4 Draft: 4-0 AT Walls + Leveler


November 25, 2014 by Hectares

The Alliance Draft Challenge continues! After finding a P1P1 Borean Windweaver, the challenge was to figure out the best way to build a winning deck with Alloyin.

Here is a highlight from my live stream,

This is four games of Alloyin-Tempys where combat tricks and late-game deck strength build into a Draft behemoth.

AT Walls + Leveler

3 Flamerift Instigator
2 Steelwatch Guard
1 Aetherforge Oracle
1 Borean Mystic
1 Borean Stormweaver
1 Borean Windweaver
1 Cinder Colossus
1 Citadel Guard
1 Crucible Colossus
1 Flowstone Primordial
1 Forgeplate Minotaur
1 Ironbound Reinforcements
1 Metamind Explorer
1 Metamind Overseer
1 Skyknight Glider
1 Tech Explorer
1 Thranik Ambusher
1 Totembound Berserker
1 Tundra Watcher
1 Umbruk Glider
1 Uranti Elementalist

2 Oratek Battlebrand
1 Cypien Battlesuit
1 Glacial Crush
1 Sonic Burst
1 Talin Stampede

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  1. OhRats says:

    We could call lanes 2 and 4 the even lanes! Sweet video as always.

  2. Kestralb says:

    Lanes 2 and 4 could be called the “echelon” lanes.
    Lane 3 can remain “center” (though Alloyin apparently call it “nexus”), and 1 and 5 could be “flank” or “wing”.

  3. Daniel DuBois says:

    Can’t believe you passed on Cinderbound twice for average cards.

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