Set 4 Draft: 4-0 AU Armor Tracker


November 13, 2014 by Hectares

The new draft environment is awesome, exciting, challenging, frustrating, punishing, rewarding, insane, OP, and simply… fun!

Cycling through the various faction pairings has been a whirlwind of new experiences. After playing more than ten Imprisoned Heralds drafts I still have a ton to learn about the card interactions, power plays, and pitfalls of Set 4 Draft.

Here is a highlight from my live stream,

This is four games of Alloyin-Uterra with a good selection of creatures with Armor and a Bramblewood Tracker that helped level extra Uterra creatures and give the deck a Consistent advantage.

AU Armor Tracker

3 Esperian Wartusk
3 Metamind Overseer
2 Featherfang
2 Shardbound Invoker
2 Steeleye Researcher
1 Aetherforge Oracle
1 Aetherguard
1 Batterhide
1 Bramblewood Tracker
1 Branchweaver Druid
1 Citadel Guard
1 Fangwood Bear
1 Gemheart Sprout
1 Lysian Hydra
1 Oreian Fieldmarshal
1 Spiritstone Druid
1 Steelskin Spelunker
1 Stranglevine Hydra
1 Tanglesprout

2 Tangle
1 Aegis Wings
1 Twinstrength

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What factions and first picks are you having luck with?


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