Set 4 Draft: 4-0 NT Visage Mobility


November 16, 2014 by Hectares

This time through a Competitive Draft I tried the new side lane strategy established with Set 4. With careful planning, a deck with multiple Infernal Visage can turn any solid body into a must-answer threat.

Here is a highlight from my live stream,

This is four games of Nekrium-Tempys with a pack of monsters that wear Infernal Visage well and some creatures with Mobility including Borean Windweaver.

NT Visage Mobility

3 Blight Witch
2 Flowstone Primordial
2 Zombie Titan
1 Avalanche Guardian
1 Blightskull Phantasm
1 Borean Stormweaver
1 Borean Windweaver
1 Cinder Colossus
1 Cloudcleaver Titan
1 Corpulent Shambler
1 Fell Strider
1 Flamefury Shaman
1 Herald of Destruction
1 Nargath Warrior
1 Nightgaunt
1 Sorrow Harvester
1 Spiritfrost Shaman
1 Spitesower Acolyte
1 Thranik Ambusher
1 Xithian Rotfiend

3 Infernal Visage
1 Conflagrate
1 Spiritcleave
1 Violent Outburst

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