Set 4 Spoiler Roundup: Imprisoned Heralds


November 5, 2014 by Hectares

Updated Nov 11. This is everything we know about Set 4 – Imprisoned Heralds – in a single place.


This is a 60 card release featuring new mechanics including Assault, Upgrade, and Heralds.

Patch release is Tuesday according to this news post by Kibler. There will be new changes coming to tournament payouts. Kibler hosted a pre-patch stream (vod) discussing the patch notes and revealing over thirty spoilers screencapped below.


SPOILERS | Total: 58, Creatures: 41, Spells: 13, Heralds: 4



#1: Soulreap (Nekrium – Legendary – Spell)

SoulReapSpoiled by Justin Gary in a news post on Nov 3 with major announcements including changes to the game economy, tournament rewards, and new in-game events.


#2: Staff of Vaerus > Vaerus, Herald of Fury (Tempys – Legendary – Spell > Creature – Dragon – Mobility)

Spoiled by Kibler in a news post on Nov 5 as the first card to switch from Spell to Creature as it levels.


#3: Oreian Scavenger (Alloyin – Heroic – Creature – Robot – Upgrade – Armor)

Spoiled by Kibler in a news post on Nov 5 as the first card with the new Upgrade mechanic. “Whenever you play a creature with Upgrade in a lane in which it replaces another creature, it gains the Upgrade effect.” Overwriting creatures for the win!


#4: Misery Demon (Nekrium – Common – Creature – Demon – Assault)

Spoiled by Kibler in a news post on Nov 5 as the first card with the new Assault mechanic. “Creatures with Assault gain an additional effect whenever you play them in a lane in which your opponent does not have a creature.”


#5: Wegu, the Ancient (Uterra – Legendary – Creature – Plant – Defender – Breakthrough)

Spoiled by Kit in a news post on Nov 6. Lifegain ahoy!


#6: Venomdrinker (Uterra – Rare – Creature – Naga)

Spoiled by Steve Buja in a GameNGuide preview post on Nov 6. Naga beats!


#7: Lash of Demara > Demara, Herald of Affliction (Uterra – Legendary – Spell > Creature – Naga – Poison – Activate – Defender)

Spoiled by Steve Buja in a GameNGuide preview post on Nov 6. We’re going to need some antivenom here!


#8-11: Howl of Xith/Whispers of Dendris/Palladium Echoes/Chant of Dragonwatch (Faction Cycle – Rare – Spell – Rank)

These spoilers were unlocked on Nov 7 through hundreds of games being played on Kaelari’s Ladder ( A faction cycle of spells that have board-wide effects that scale with your Player Level.


#12: Tuskin Grovekeeper (Uterra – Rare – Creature – Tuskin)

tuskin-grovekeeperSpoiled on the Official SolForge Facebook page on Nov 7. “This Tuskin fellow is good friends with Wegu.” #TeamTuskin


#13: Borean Windweaver (Tempys – Heroic – Creature – Wind Asir – Mobility)

Spoiled by Foxhull in a news post on Nov 7. Let’s move!


#14: Totembound Berserker (Tempys – Rare – Creature – Giant – Assault)

Spoiled by Michael Fortino in a preview post on Nov 7. Assault the board.


#15: Lavafused Asir (Tempys – Heroic – Creature – Fire Asir)

Spoiled by Eon in a BattleBranded Specific Card Analysis post on Nov 7. Overwhelming Force through a free full size creature? Whoa!


#16: Sorrow Maiden (Nekrium – Heroic – Creature – Human – Activate)

Spoiled by darkhands, in a Ghox’s Socks preview post on Nov 8. This one knows how to Cull the Weak!


#17: Stag of Lys (Uterra – Common – Creature – Spirit)

Spoiled by on the official SolForge Facebook page on Nov 8. New Stag on the block!


#18: Anvillon Arbiter (Alloyin – Heroic – Creature – Robot – Armor)

Spoiled during the live coverage of the World Championship Qualifier at on Nov 8. C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!


#19: Saberfang (Tempys – Heroic – Creature – Cat – Aggressive)

Spoiled during the live coverage of the World Championship Qualifier at on Nov 8. Cute lil’ kitten.


#20: Aegis Wings (Alloyin – Rare – Spell – Mobility – Armor)

Spoiled by Kit on /r/SolForge on Nov 9 (thanks to community participation). Now that’s a buff!


#21: Scythe of Chiron > Chiron, Herald of Torment (Nekrium – Legendary – Spell > Creature – Demon)

Spoiled by TinyGrimes in a news post on Nov 10. Hungering Strike meets Group Meal!


#22: Gauntlets of Sulgrim > Sulgrim, Herald of Force (Alloyin – Legendary – Spell > Creature – Golem – Activate – Armor)

Spoiled by Outrageous in a news post on Nov 10. Sulgrim smash!


#23: Brimstone Tyrant (Tempys – Legendary – Creature – Fire Elemental – Upgrade)

Spoiled by WookieMike in a Ghox’s Socks preview post on Nov 10. Firestorm on a Fire elemental! Some assembly required.


#24: Soothsayer Hermit (Uterra – Heroic – Creature – Lupin)

Spoiled by Hectares in a news post on Nov 10. Hey! I wrote this one 🙂 Check out my article for some tips on how to make the most of it. #TeamLupin


#25: Big Bad Bartok (Uterra – Heroic – Creature – Tigrin – Consistent)

Spoiled in a Ghox’s Socks roundtable post by Hectares, WookieMike, darkhands, and Turkis on Nov 11. So Consistent! #TeamTigrin


#26: Uriel Ironwing (Alloyin – Legendary – Creature – Angel – Mobility)

Spoiled by the Noetherian in a news post on Nov 11. Deadliest Angel in all of Solis.


#27-58: Vault Welder (Alloyin – Rare – Creature – Robot – Defender – Upgrade)

The first card of a whopping 30+ spoiled by Kibler during the Imprisoned Heralds pre-patch stream at on Nov 11. New Alloyin Jet Pack!

Here are the rest (in no particular order):
































Patch Incoming

Can’t wait for Set 4 – Imprisoned Heralds!


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  1. Eon says:

    Is spoiler #5 your ASCII house Hectares?

  2. Emtriz says:

    The set 4 identifier (octagon?) is difficult to differentiate from the circle of alpha.

  3. Hydroclasm says:

    What are the level 2 and 3 versions of the rank-based spells?

    • Quail says:

      They always level 1.

      • Hydroclasm says:

        Oh that’s interesting. Is that a new mechanic for set 4, cards that don’t level at all when you play them (but stay in your deck)?

        • Mendatt says:

          It’s not exactly new. There were already cards that only had one level and cards that didn’t level when you played them. (Specifically, overload cards and everything else at their highest level.) Cards that only have one level and stay in your deck without leveling when you play them are merely a new use of already-present mechanics.

  4. Tumoney says:

    Soothsayer is one of the best of set 4. I want to make an Killion / Soothsayer control deck

  5. ZoeZoe2227 says:

    Wow, the last cards are so weak.
    Their artworks are awful too :s
    Hope i won’t regret my pre-pruchase boosts :/

  6. Jenesis says:

    So now that Roaming Warclaw is a common, does this mean Secrets of Solis just randomly has one less Uterra Legendary than the other factions?

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