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November 4, 2014 by Hectares

Earlier this week, GameInformer spoiled that “Sharing Is Coming To SolForge.”


What is Sharing?

Trading / Player-to-Player Transfer / Sharing allows you to take a non-account-bound (now called “Shareable”) card and Share it to someone on your friend list. When you do this, your Shareable copy is replaced with an account-bound copy and your friend also gets one. That original card can no longer be shared by anyone, but you both end up with playable account-bound copies.

The system is more limited than some community members would like – not surprising considering Stoneblade’s previously stated plans to implement part of the system sooner, rather than the full system later. So what follows Sharing?


In a follow-up news post Justin Gary noted, “we plan to add a more complex interface allowing players to better coordinate sharing back and forth – something akin to a more traditional trading system – but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the gifts you give and receive!”

Hopefully we see some further clarification of what future plans exist, as open-ended statements leave something to the imagination of players trying to understand how to best handle their existing (potentially Shareable) collections and acquire new cards steadily.


Other Upcoming Changes

ticketAdding to the difficulty with that critical collection management issue is the announcement of other sweeping changes to card acquisition opportunities and the overall in-game economy. Stoneblade’s news post, “New Features Coming to SolForge: Sharing, Multi-Forging, Elite Tournaments, and more!” sounds incredibly appealing from the title – but the Devil is in the details.

The community has expressed major concerns with this announcement on topics including the the account-binding Sharing process, the viability of the new cost and payout structure of tournament queues, the incentives of Elite Tournaments, and the impact of a reduced motivation for a diversity of playstyles. It would be great to hear how Stoneblade developed the planned model, to give the community a better appreciation for where things are headed.


Set 4 News Feedback  – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the changes impact the priority of spending Gold over Silver?
  • Will people who used to queue frequently still be able to enjoy the game as they did previously?
  • Will the goal of “going infinite” or improving to on-demand free tournament play (from paid / delayed play) still motivate players to spend money on Gold?
  • What secondary market opportunities will exist now? Ever?
  • How can players best manage Silver as an all-purpose resource?

While I can’t draw a conclusion from the feedback regarding the impact of the announced changes in the wild, it seems the perception of the changes is having its own effect. Managing player concerns prior to and immediately following release will be critical to the successful launch of Set 4. While we’re waiting though, it’s spoiler season!


Breadth of Community Response

Update Nov 6: Posts on this topic have expanded steadily to include suggestions of alternatives, further perspectives on other positive and negative elements to the changes, and SBE interaction with the community. I’m not updating this section further, however, the bulk of new comments appear to be coming through and


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