3 Decks to Dominate the 20 Card Weekend Warrior


January 8, 2015 by Turkis

This upcoming Weekend Warrior event is “20 Card Constructed”. Starting at 12:00pm PST on Thursday the 8th, players will be able to enter the Weekend Warrior event queue with 20 card decks.

From a deck building perspective, this change warps many of the interactions that define standard constructed decks. It also allows us to explore areas of the card pool that are often neglected.

When putting together 20 card decks, we should keep the following in mind:

  1. The negative impact of playing Overload cards is significantly reduced. Not only do you still see all of your leveled cards each Player Level, you also have a chance to recycle your deck on Turn x.4 and redraw previously played cards.
  2. Cards with interdependencies such as Ator and Everflame Mystic or Stormspear will be more reliable.
  3. Less of a penalty for having increased deck sizes due to Solbind.

While we keep the above points in mind, let’s look at three possible decks to take into the weekend warrior event.


Restless and Ruthless


The ultimate in card dependencies, the Restless Wanderers and Ruthless Wanderers feed off one another like no other cards in the game. Paired with Varna’s Pact, we’ll have plenty of ways to cheat in more of your wandering team. Add in some deck thinning and power plays with Lysian Shard and Direhound and we’ll be living the wanderer dream.

With two flex slots left, I’ve added Soulreap for its synergy with Ruthless Wanderers and Direhounds as well as Portal Shade for the increased chance of wanderer procs.

3 Restless Wanderers
3 Ruthless Wanderers
3 Tarsus Deathweaver
3 Xithian Direhound
1 Portal Shade

3 Lysian Shard
3 Varna’s Pact
1 Soulreap


Other cards to consider:

  • Thundersaur as a Lysian Shard target
  • Nethershriek for removal and Synergy with Tarsus/Pact
  • Aetherphage as a strong enters play effect and above curve attack power
  • Dysian Broodqueen for a removal option that synergizes with Tarsus


Iztek and Friends


Taking advantage of the small deck size, Iztek looks to abuse the high power level of Iztek’s Frost and Iztek’s Flame. Burnouts are included for their high power level and synergy with Ashurian Flamesculpter and Flamebreak Invoker, although you won’t get the same advantages of playing overload cards when you have Solbind in a 20 card deck.

Flamesculptor was chosen over Master of Elements as it provides extra value with consistent in a 26 card deck, and provides a better combination with Rage of Kadras. I’ve left the list as mono Tempys, letting us consider splash cards from multiple factions.

3 Ashurian Flamesculptor
3 Flamebreak Invoker
3 Frostmane Dragon
3 Iztek, Khan of Arrachtor

3 Rage of Kadras
3 Static Shock
2 Burnout


Other cards to consider:

  • Borean Windweaver as a way to gain extra value from Rage and push damage with Iztek
  • Oratek Explosives as efficient removal
  • Staff of Vaerus to punish opponents for allowing Iztek to live
  • Tarsus Deathweaver as a buff to Frostmane eggs and Iztek, Avatar of Frost and Iztek, Avatar of Fire


Ator’s Garden


Throw a few of the strongest early game activates in the game into a 20 card deck with Ator and you should be able to steal a few games. Leafkin Progenitor and Nuada, Faith’s Flourish combine with Ator, Thunder Titan to form the core of the deck. Nova, Grove Queen and Scatterspore Eidolon provide plant targets while putting large bodies down, and Umbruk Lasher and Metamorphosis give you tools to deal with your opponents threats.

Interesting synergies here with Nova and overwriting between Leafkin, Nuada, Metamorphosis, and simply overwriting your own creatures to find open lanes for your Ator fueled aggression.

3 Ator, Thunder Titan
3 Leafkin Progenitor
3 Nova, Grove Queen
3 Nuada, Faith’s Flourish
2 Borean Windweaver
2 Umbruk Lasher
2 Scatterspore Eidolon

2 Metamorphosis


Other cards to consider:

  • Lysian Shard combos with Umbruk Lasher and can close out games with Leafkin
  • Frostshatter Strike has synergy with Umbruk Lasher and small tokens
  • Burnout as a flexible removal card
  • Stygian Lotus as another plant target for Nuada


Bonus: Forge Guardians


If there’s a format to play the Forge Guardians in, this is probably it. Rather than fill the deck with all the awful Guardians, I’ve added just the Forge Guardian Delta and am counting on Solbind for the others.

To flood our board and keep from getting run over, I’ve added War Tinker and Arcflight Squadron. Note that the likelihood of finding an Arcflight in combination with Weirwood Patriarch is significantly higher in a 29 card deck compared to a 39. Our removal package is based around Gauntlets of Sulgrim with the addition of Oreian Scavenger to add reach. Gauntlets has the added benefit of increasing survivability of our Guardians in the right situation.

Battle Techtician was chosen over Aeronaut as it plays better in the center lane due to its higher health and buffs from Weirwood Patriarch. Finally, Soothsayer Hermit was added to help ensure we don’t miss Arcflight triggers and always drop the right Guardians at the right time.

3 Forge Guardian Delta
3 War Tinker
3 Weirwood Patriarch
2 Arcflight Squadron
2 Battle Techtician
2 Oreian Scavenger
2 Soothsayer Hermit
1 Vault Welder

2 Gauntlets of Sulgrim


Other cards to consider:

  • Forge Guardian Alpha/Beta/Gamma to help the consistency of the Delta combo
  • Citadel Guard likely in combination with an extra Vault Welder or two
  • Ferocious Roar to assist in the board flood
  • Nexus Aeronaut as a Gauntlet target that also adds reach to our board
  • Botanimate as hard removal


  1. yanouch says:

    Hi. Thanks for this post. I would like to know if possible why tarsus is better than soothsayer hermit in the wanderer deck. Thx again

  2. Turkis says:

    Soothsayer Hermit makes more sense in a 30 card wanderer deck, however in the 20 card version with the addition of overload cards you will have 1 to 2 or even more of the wanderers in your hand frequently. This makes playing a card to fetch a single wanderer less valuable.

    Additionally, the Tarsus/Pact combination gives the wanderer deck a multi-lane catchup mechanic that it would otherwise lack while also giving you a leg up in the mirror match (tarsus/pact is an incredible combination when both sides are playing wanderers).

  3. yanouch says:

    OK i got the point. i thought you will draw more often 3 wanderer and in that case southsayer can bring it back in order to level it. Thanks again for your post and to all ghoxsocks team for the great work!

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