2014 Review


January 3, 2015 by Hectares

Founded in April 2014, quickly grew from a team website into a central SolForge community resource.

Our coverage has spanned several major and minor set releases from Rise of the Forgeborn, Secrets of Solis, and Imprisoned Heralds.

riseoftheforgeborn-cutout2014 Quick Stats: 14 Authors / 102 Posts / 338 Comments

5 Podcasts / 22 Videos / 6 Exclusive Spoilers / 12 Tournament Reviews

secretsofsolis-cutoutOther posts included helpful guides and decklists for new players, strategy and theory articles, set roundups and discussions, and highlights of other contributions around the community.

imprisonedheralds-cutoutIt’s been an inspiration to see how people use the site, share the articles, and make the most of the resources and collective knowledge of the SolForge player-base.

In anticipation of a great new year, leave a comment with what new articles you want to see or which posts you most enjoyed from 2014. I’ll roll a giveaway code to participants on Saturday, January 10, just before the next World Championship Qualifier at [Update Jan 12: Thanks to everyone who participated, this feedback is already helping to generate new content. Congrats to Kababesh for winning the random roll!]

Happy 2015 everyone!


  1. Jon says:

    I really enjoyed your budget deck rundowns and I’d really like to see more deck building articles. Specifically, not just pauper class decks, but everything up through tier 1.5 and even tier 1. So far, I think there is an abundance of resources for the newbie players, however, I think that some good articles could be made on budget competitive decks, or good, but unused, archetypes for net decking.



  2. Ivan says:

    Lets be honest, I got most excited when I saw you had some spoiler from the new set 😀
    About what Id like to see more, its more articles about deck brewing, but with cards that are lying forgoten in place of newer (sometimes better) ones, like Abraxas, Rageborn Hellion, even Zimus and Nefrax see less play now, brew something to bring them back.

  3. MrJapco says:

    Inspired by Hectares` youtube video “Rant on Learning How to Play” I`d love to see an article about recognizing and analysing one`s mistakes. Other than that I would welcome some kind of highlights showing various tier 1 decks and current metagame changes to see what the game looks like at the top level.

    But whatever you do, I just want to say keep up the good work and all the best to you and the site in 2015.

  4. Nick1 says:

    This was definitely my place to go for the set 4 spoilers. Great job on the roundup!

    I’d love to see some articles on lesser known card combos such as talisin + anvilon arbiter.

  5. Erekose13 says:

    I enjoyed your collected spoilers and discussions about new cards most. Looking outward to articles on new combos or deck lists featuring cards old and new.

  6. snouty says:

    I like everything on this site. But I will say, I do miss the “deck of the week” videos. Hire a new CMUStewart

  7. parkaboy says:

    I’ve pointed out the articles for beginners to several friends that I’ve pulled into Solis, and refer to them myself at times as well. The buried code for five extra packs is awesome as well.

  8. Qwarlord says:

    Absolutely agree about missing CMUStewart’s deck of the week videos. His contributions are definitely missed. Overall everything you guys put out is great, would just like to see a bit more frequent content. A weekly metagame breakdown would be a nice feature exploring the decks having success in the ConQ, or on elite tourney weekends what seemed to prevail there.

  9. xavierkiath says:

    I was really pleased with the new player section. In the future I hope to see more articles teaching the more advanced aspects unique to Solforge. I think I have the basics down, but I still see a lot of good players making plays that don’t make sense to me.

  10. Kababesh says:

    Give praise to Ximane! The Advanced SolForge Rulebook is one of the best creations from the community.

  11. Prins says:

    I really enjoy your deckrecon and your recap on you play a new deck and test it though 2-3 articles. Hope to more of that.

  12. Frozen says:

    I am always enjoying your spoiler summary before a new release, letting me refresh the page multiple times per day 😛
    What I would like to read would be some review of the upcoming Elite Draft, because I do not see SBE leaving any comments on this one :/

  13. mathemagician says:

    In addition to your 4-0 draft videos, I’d like to see 3-1 and 2-2 videos with a reflection on what could have been done (if anything) to improve the record. Were there picks that could have been made differently? Cards that you should have leveled in a higher priority? Or can you recognize that there is nothing you could have done? I know it’s not glamorous to post our mistakes, but I think it is where players are likely to learn a lot.

  14. Coffradia says:

    This site was the best, but i have the feeling that nowadays it’s quality n articles has dropped a ton. what ever happened to CMUStewart? that guy was awesome!!

  15. Cynewulf says:

    I’m a fan of the new set spoiler roundups. Those I find more helpful than the main site. Moving forward, I think I would like to see an analysis of cards in terms of indicating what ones you think are support vs finishers, and an explanation of how you came to your conclusions.

  16. okeyj74 says:

    Ghox’s Socks is the go to place for spoilers. They’re always posted shortly after being spoiled and all the new cards listed in one place. The new player guides were really helpful when I was just getting started. Hect’s stream is entertaining and has great play analysis. I’m looking forward to new articles and content in 2015!

  17. Ivan says:

    How are things going with the giveaway? Did it occur?

    • Hectares says:

      Giveaway was done live on Saturday’s stream using – Kababesh was the winner and has been sent the prize via Twitch pm.

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