Upcoming Coverage of the Kael Cup Championship (Round 2)


April 24, 2015 by darkhands


Hey guys, darkhands here, I want to talk about the first second round of the Kael Cup Championship II.

The Kael Cup Championship II is the premiere SolForgeLadder.com event. It tests a player’s awareness of three major Ladder formats: Standard, Unlegendary, and Unheroic.

We had a great showing in the Unheroic portion of the Swiss with Sundodger managing to pilot his Nekrium-Uterra Toorgmai list to the top of the heap for 30000 gold! See the Top 8 Decklists and All Decklists Entered to get a sense of the competition.

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The second leg of the Swiss is Unlegendary and I’ll be providing coverage during the event:

Saturday, May 9th – noon Eastern, 9am Pacific – twitch.tv/darkhannds

Similar to the Unheroic format the *bound cycle and UN in general is still very strong, but it won’t dominate the field entirely.  We will see different shells that utilize the most powerful heroics. In my opinion there are two options – you play Dysian Broodqueen (BQ) in UN or you play something that is good against BQ. Sorrow Maiden and Grimgaunt Predator will be utilized by a variety of decks – including NT and AN. AT mobility is also a very powerful deck, but will the relevance of Leyline Golem shut it down before it gets off the ground?

It feels like AU decks still loses to UN BQ, but who knows – maybe someone comes up with a new archetype that we haven’t seen yet? It will also be interesting to see if UT can utilize the power of Herald of Destruction in the Unlegendary format.

More than 40 players have qualified for this portion of the tournament which has in-game Gold currency prizes for the Top 16.

bling1st: 30000 gold
2nd: 14400 gold
3rd-4th: 5600 gold
5th-8th: 2750 gold
8th-16th: 1300 gold

In the weeks to come, the Standard format event will conclude the Swiss rounds and we’ll find out who’s competing in the Multi-format Championship event.

  • Standard: Saturday, May 23
  • Multi-format: Saturday, June 6

Invites into the Multi-format will be given to the top eight combined Swiss scores of each of the three single format events as well as the top eight K-point collectors without an invite so the Unlegendary event will give you a solid look at the leader board for half of the Championship field.

Keep an eye on solforgeladder.com/cgi-bin/count.cgi to see who’s leading in the Swiss rounds.

Join in on the fun on Saturday, May 9th – noon Eastern, 9am Pacific – twitch.tv/darkhannds.


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