Konan’s Set 6.2 Metagame Analysis with Decklists


November 10, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

Hi everyone – as promised I’m back with a new deck article – I skipped the set 6.1 metagame, but now that set 6 is complete it’s time to wrap up the meta.

So what’s the biggest difference to set 6.0?

First of all with set 6.1 we got some really powerful mono faction tools in the form of the Patron cycle. Especially Patron of Tarsus and Patron of Deepwood had quite some impact on the metagame and made some archetypes viable (again). The Tempys Patron of Kadras is alright in a deck that tries to set up big turns with Rage of Kadras, but overall the deck is a little to dependent on rage so that similar AT variants remain stronger. The Alloyin Patron of Anvillon suffers mostly from its bad stats and on top he’s hard level gated, which makes him close to unplayable.

The big elephant in the house – released with set 6.1 – is certainly Ice Grasp. While it doesn’t look amazing on paper this card can easily wreck complete havoc in the right deck. Especially when played early this card can deal an insane amount of damage.


Just to give you an example of the best case scenario. Played on turn 1.1 and given you see an average of 2 Static Shocks in PL1, you will be able to play a total of 6 + 2 (Static Shock) spells going first and thus dealing 24 damage in PL1 alone from one Ice Gasp. That is insane for a lvl1 spell, even if it doesn’t affect the board. In set 6.1 (which I really hated, just because of this card), the game was often accelerated to the point were games would often end on between turn 2.1-2.3 and some decks (especially AT, which had no access to lifegain or Aetherphage) were nearly unplayable, because they would basically automatically lose against this deck. I believe that as a core element Solforge should be about creature battle and gaining incremental advantage and not racing your opponent down in the first few turns, so I stopped playing for a while.

Now with set 6.2 we finally got a counter to Ice Grasp in the form of Wipe Clean. This is a quite some boost to Alloyin decks , since it’s not only helpful against permanent player effects, but it does also affect the board enough that it can be useful against a wide range of decks. On top of that you can use it to remove negative effects like defender from your own creatures.

The other cards from the Ice Grasp cycle – Enduring Vitality, Nexus Bubble and Infernal Ritual – saw some play in set 6.1, but are now not really playable anymore with quite a lot of decks running Wipe Clean.

I hope this sums up the biggest changes quite well, so lets move on to the decklists.


AT Burn

2 Ambriel Archangel
3 Ambriels Edict
3 Burnout
2 Draconic Echoes
3 Dragonwake
3 Flame Lance
3 Ice Grasp
2 Nanoswarm
3 Shatterbolt
3 Static Shock
3 Steelscale Dragon

As I said before this deck can wreck havoc on any archetype that is slow and does not run any counters to this deck. This deck simply plays Ice Grasp and plays Tempys spells until your opponent is dead. As a necessary evil this deck runs Ambriel’s Edict along with some creatures to clear the board.

Best counters to this deck are Aetherphage, Wipe Clean and Crypt Conjurer (along with Bron Wild Tamer, which can race this deck and is very sticky).

AT Alyssa

3 Alyssa, Strifeborn
3 Borean Windweaver
3 Brimstone Tyrant
3 Frostmane Dragon
2 Nexus Aeronaut
3 Oratek Battlebrand
3 Oratek Explosives
2 Rage of Kadras / Burnout
3 Relic Hunter
3 Trial by Combat
2 Wipe Clean

This archetype tries to abuse the interaction between Alyssa Strifeborn and Trial by Combat, a new set 6.2 legendary. When Trial by Combat doesn’t kill Alyssa, she will get stronger while usually remove a creature. This can get out of hand very quickly with a lvl2 Alyssa, since Alyssa has 14 Health and will get a buff of 1 health and 2 attack per point of damage that Alyssa receives from Trial by Combat. E.g. your 4/14 Alyssa lvl2 will get a 24/24 if you use Trial by combat on a 10 attack creature. My version is not really all in on Alyssa, since I like the traditional AT Goodstuff playstyle quite a bit.

AN Immortal Robots

3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3 Ebonskull Knight
3 Nexus Aeronaut
3 Marty McGear
3 Forgewatch Sentry
3 War Machine
2 Aegis Knight
2 Leyline Demon
3 Gauntlets of Sulgrim
2 Immortal Echoes
2 Wipe Clean
1 Howl of Xith

Key to this deck is certainly Marty McGear, which is played along with 2 value robots – War Machine and Forgewatch Sentry. With the buff that War Machine provides to all your creatures this deck can race AT burn, while removing Ice Grasps with Wipe Clean. Immortal Echoes is another source of creating multiple threats from one card. There is also a version of this deck with Crypt Conjurer, which is more Nekrium spell heavy, but since I cover other Nekrium drain lists I opted for this list.

AN / NU Drain

3  Crypt Conjurer
3  Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3  Ebonskull Knight
2  Epidemic
3  Howl of Xith
3  Immortal Echoes
2  Leyline Demon
3  Patron of Tarsus
1  Soul Reap
2  Xerxes, the Executioner
2  Xithian Direhound

Splash Choices:

3 Aetherphage
3 Wipe Clean

I think this deck is one of the strongest archetypes in the current meta, since it has great options against grow wide decks (Patron of Tarsus, Epidemic), it utilizes Duskmaw against grow big decks and has access to either Wipe Clean or Aetherphage against AT Burn. On top of that this deck only needs 5 legends (3 Duskmaw, 2 Immortal Echoes) in its core and 3 of them are easily accessible by the Onyxium Twilight starter deck. Replacements for Xerxes and Soul Reap could be Scythe of Chiron and Bitterfrost Totem.

UN Dinosuar


2 Aetherphage
3 Bron, Wild Tamer
3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3 Dysian Siphon
2 Immortal Echoes
3 Leyline Demon
3 Mosstodon
3 Roaming Warclaw
3 Shardplate Behemoth
2 Swampmoss Ancient
3 Uterradon Rex

The Dinosaur archetype is simple straightforward and quite powerful against a wide range of decks. Especially against decks that don’t run Oreian Justicar, Leyline Sentry or Herald of Destruction this deck can often trample your opponent down with Bron, Wild Tamer and his Dino Knight. This archetype is also quite simple to play – I can definitely recommend it to new players.

UT HeraldBomb


3 Aetherphage
3 Botanimate
2 Dendrify
3 Herald of Destruction
2 Leyline Tyrant
3 Lysian Shard
3 Malice Hermit
2 Othra, Apex Predator
3 Patron of Deepwood
3 Phytobomb
2 Shardplate Behemoth
1 Soothsayer Hermit

Some decks never die it seems… Pion found a wonderful way to bring back the HeraldBomb archetype, even with the 2 nerfs it got with the release of set 6. He wrote a nice article about the deck on reddit: Pion’s HeraldBomb List to fight the current meta.

Notable mentions

I think Zombies are still quite a viable archetype, but I haven’t played with the deck lately and didn’t see it performing to well in tournaments. If you have a good list, I would be more than happy to post it here.

I experimented quite a bit with a AU defender deck that uses the new Rubyscale Dragon, but I wouldn’t call that a meta deck.


  1. Awesome as always friend 🙂

  2. MrJapco says:

    Nice write-up, thanks Konan.

    I`ve had a lot of fun lately with what I call AT_AggroMarty (I`m not great at coming up with names… or brewing):

    3x Marty McGear
    3x War Machine
    3x Ator, Thunder Titan
    3x Korok, Khan of Kadras
    3x Nexus Aeronaut
    3x Borean Windweaver
    3x Oratek Explosives
    3x Rage of Kadras
    2x Abraxas, Avatar of Kadras
    2x Hinterland Watchman
    2x Call the Lightning

    It`s a very aggresive deck that can kill the opponent in early PL2. There`s a lot of synergies throughout. The main combo is Ator + Marty instantly summoning Warmachine and that gives you 9/5 Ator, 6/7 Marty which hits the opponent in the face and 4/4 War Machine (plus attack buff to anything on the board ofc). The biggest issue with the deck is when you draw all 3 War Machines at the beginning of the PL which means your Martys have nothing to summon for the rest of the PL, but that doesn`t happen very often and you still have some strong options to survive. Also, if you`re not playing/leveling Martys for whatever reason, I`d try to level some Koroks as additional Marty-enablers for next PL. By the same token I wouldn`t actively level Koroks if I`m leveling Martys, I`d use Korok in that scenario only when needed as removal/explosives-carrier/reach. BTW if this is a well-known deck archetype I`m sorry, I don`t follow SolForge community that closely.

  3. PB says:

    Definitely agree with you re: zombies. I’m a returning player and built that deck up because it was cheap, I’ve now run it in about 10 constructed tournaments to one 3-1, a couple of 1-3s and the rest 2-2s. It can have good draws but is not a good deck and doesn’t have a good m/u against decks running either duskmaw or ice grasp, which is a bad place to be.

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