Conquest Tournament


January 20, 2016 by Hectares

A new tournament format launches on Kaelari’s Ladder today:

Conquest – Each player will submit 3 decks, when a deck is victorious you can no longer use it that round. The winner must switch to a new deck. The loser can choose to switch decks. When one player has no decks left they’ve won the round. (This effectively means best of 5 rounds.)

Player’s faction pairings (but not full decklists) will be visible to all players during the event. Each deck must be a different faction pair and you can not use the same card more than 3 times across all decks. You can play overlapping factions, such as UT and AT but not two different UT decks. For the first game of each round you MUST use your first deck. Due to length of rounds will be single elim using async pairings. You’ll be paired as soon as your opponent is ready.”

If you’re looking to enter but not sure what decks to bring make sure to stop by Konan’s latest metagame analysis to get the edge over your opponents.


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