Set 7.1 Spoiler – Ceaseless Grimgaunt


July 20, 2016 by KonanTheBarbarian

Set 7.1 is hitting soon and I’m back with a new spoiler for you.

I loved the concept of Grimgaunts as soon as I saw Grimgaunt Predator and Grimgaunt Devourer, which were part of the iPad demo before Set 1 was even released. They have been staples in a variety of Tier 1 decks during most metagames (peaking in popularity during Set 3), and I’m sure they will continue to see play in the future.

Today I present you with their brother, the Ceaseless Grimgaunt. Similar to Spiritstone Sentry and Dread you can’t take him out as long as his Vengeance ability is active. To put it simply: as long as he is your only creature on the board your opponent can’t kill him.
His stats aren’t great, but there are quite a few synergies to be exploited. I actually think that you can have multiple Ceaseless Grimgaunt on the board and if they all die at the same time you will always keep one of them on the board. The same should apply if you have multiple creatures and they all die during combat. In my understanding the Ceaseless Grimgaunt would be spawned in that case.

I’m not sure how to rate the Ceaseless Grimgaunt, since he doesn’t seem to fit into existing decks, but there might be a dedicated control deck out there that can utilize him. That being said – happy brewing once set 7.1 is released.


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