175altenergysurgeWookieMike: Co-captain and tournament strategist from the US. Heavy Set 2 drafter.
175goatHectares: Site Editor. Named the AU Flex archetype shortly after the release of Set 2.
175swampmosslurker1darkhands: Solid constructed and draft player.
175altglutton1eoj986: Avid constructed player from England.
175garg3evilweevil666: Draft and constructed veteran from the US.
175warmerchant1KonanTheBarbarian: A consistent SolForge forum presence, drafting expert, and programmer.
175strategist3MyrMaster: Site writer with a focus on the Free-to-Play experience. Strong drafter and improving constructed player.
175vaulttech3N3Rk: Passionate Finnish gamer and strategy nut that loves spreadsheets. Mostly concentrating on constructed and occasionally streaming at
packmaster175Prototype0: Constructed player from the US going Kitfinite when necessary. Occasionally streaming at
175chrog1Turkis: Deck builder and known tournament threat. Occasionally streaming at
175wurm2Ximane: Our rule expert. Author of the Advanced SolForge Rulebook.