Constructed Observations (Apr 22, 2014)


April 22, 2014 by Hectares

Brief observations on what’s been popular in the Constructed Queue lately:


Public Enemy #1

NT – Removal

The go-to deck in constructed at the moment. Spitemage, Phoenix, Zimus, Epidemic, some GGP/GGD, some Scorchmane.


Frequently Spotted

AU – Flex, Robots

Variants of the 2nd place deck from the Apr 4 FWIQ and modified grow-bots are seeping into the queue. Thundersaur, Oros, Strategist, Ironbeard, Echowisp, Gargoyle, Sentinel, mix and match.


NT – Zombies

Xrath’s Will, Spitemage, Xrath, Darkshaper, Corpulent Shambler, some Keeper, Epidemic, Vyric’s.


UT – Yetis, Zoo

Yetis but not as many as there were. Some Zoo, sometimes without the Mutants.


AN – Drix

Drix and the Metaminds with some strong Nekrium under-drops and removal.


Rogue Threats

NU – Nuada (PEsh)

Spam Tarsus and anything that has the word plant on it.


NU – Conjurer/Runebark/Arboris

Spam Nekrium spells, steal life, grow Runebarks, sometimes play Arboris.



NU – Infinite Tarsus

The goal is to make the first card in the graveyard a Tarsus using Shallow Grave. After that, keep playing Varna’s Pact to bring back as many Tarsus as possible. Ideally this deck turns the 3-of limit into a joke and allows the player to see 9 (or more!) ways to build a Tarsus each shuffle.


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