ForgeWatch Match of the Week – Zrandles vs. Hectares


April 25, 2014 by Hectares

I’m excited to announce I’ll be appearing on tonight’s ForgeWatch Match of the Week against one of The Metamart’s key competitors, Zrandles. Let the games begin!

“Returning after a brief hiatus, the next Forge Watch Match of the Week will take place on April 25, at 8:00pm US East Coast (midnight UTC)

For our Match of the Week, we invite two players who have demonstrated success in in-client constructed tournaments and/or community constructed events to compete on stream. These best-of-5 matches will feature the highest level of competitive play along with expert commentary by the Forge Watch team. This series of matches will focus on successful players who are innovating in deck construction. Players of all experience levels can stop by the stream to check out the decklists, see how the decks play, and gain an edge against their opponents by watching the best players in the world pilot cutting edge decks to victory — or defeat!

Hectares guaranteed himself a spot in the Forge Watch Invitational later this year with a Top 4 finish in April’s qualifying tournament earlier this month. Zrandles added to his long resume of success tournament finishes with a Top 8 finish in the April qualifier, and has over 700 wins in the in-client constructed queues.”

– via The Noetherian on the Official Forums

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