RotF 2.1 Add-On Spoiler Round-Up


May 3, 2014 by Hectares


This patch is live today! The final spoiler count is 13.5, because zrandles posted the text of one in steam chat during the server downtime. We saw on average more than a spoiler a day over the 11 days between the first and the release. All set 2.1 cards are now visible in your deck builder by toggling the owned and unowned buttons.

Pre-Launch Spoiler Stats

Total spoilers: 13/20

Rarity breakdown: Legendary – 4/4 | Heroic – 1/4 | Rare – 2/4 | Common – 6/8

Faction breakdown: Alloyin – 4/5 | Tempys – 3/5 | Uterra – 4/5 | Nekrium – 2/5


Cards Spoiled

#1: Everflame Mystic (Tempys – Legendary)

Spoiled on a news post on May 1.

Extreme value as an underdrop in a Korok deck. Possibly relevant to Binben despite the order just because of the leveled spells? Free Disintegrates? Burn baby burn.


#2: Aegis Knight (Alloyin – Legendary)

Spoiled on the May 3 FWIQ tournament stream.

High synergy with Growbots theme, Sentinel, Gargoyle, Nexus Tech, AU Flex, and as it’s own instant Uranti Warlord equivalent.


#3: Borean Mystic (Tempys – Heroic)

Spoiled on a news post on May 6.

Non-gated mobility. Seems good with Korok, in decks that gain value from movement. Synergy with Emberwind, Doomwing, Storm Bringer and… Witherfrost Banshee?


#4: Aetherforge Oracle (Alloyin – Common)

Spoiled on the May 6 episode of The Forge with TinyGrimes and Jake Almighty.

More leveling, more secret tech, more power to Alloyin. Looking forward to seeing the impact this card has on draft and constructed play. Plays nicely with Energy Surge.


#5-8: Faction Pump Cycle

The next 4 cards were spoiled simultaneously on a news post on May 7. They introduce a new qualifier for their play targets of belonging to a specific faction. This seems like a tangent from the Allied mechanic idea, where you get certain bonuses for belonging to a certain faction. Without further ado:


#5: Cypien Battlesuit (Alloyin – Common)

Tech upgrade + faction bonus. Infiltrator 1 + Battlesuit 1 + Warmonger Mod 1 = 22/5 breakthrough on turn two. Sign me up!


#6: Tarsian Pact (Nekrium – Common)

Looks great for draft, solidifies the Nekrium pump package.


#7: Savage Oath (Uterra – Common)

Feral Instinct on steroids. I think this will find a home in an Uterra beats deck.


#8: Tremorcharge (Tempys – Common)

Looks great on an Emberwind Evoker especially when facing AU.


#9: Oreian Fieldmarshall (Alloyin – Rare)

Spoiled on news post on May 7. Reviewed on a news post on May 8.

This is an interesting addition to the Alloyin attack modification suite. Fieldmarshall is a grow-wide Matrix Warden. Clearly a helpful pickup in draft, but could it also see constructed play?


#10 Vyric Ebonskull (Nekrium – Legendary)

Spoiled on a news post on May 7.

I’m just hoping this means vampire tribal is planned for Set 3. Creature kills are great, creature theft is playing dirty. Looking forward to seeing the deck that makes this work.


#11: Chistlehearth Archer (Uterra – Rare)

Spoiled on on May 8 as a reward for completing a game.

Multipurpose archer can pin down or outright remove units with mobility. This is a great addition to the card pool that helps Uterra fight back against the variety of mobility creatures and spells in the other factions.


#12: Scatterspore Eidelon (Uterra – Legendary)

Spoiled on a news post on May 9.

Big right off the bat, demands an answer, and combos nicely with Tarsus and Nuada. This one has potential.


#13: Spiritbloom Dryad (Uterra – Common)

Spoiled on a news post on May 9.

Hmm, not sure what to make of this one. It’s got an above average level one body, an average level two, and becomes liability at level three. The life gain applies to both players so this looks like a highly niche card for life gain decks. Would love to see a card that punishes your opponent for gaining life though…


ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SET 2.2 or RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Seriously, we can’t wait!

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