Inside the Drawer #2: Kit and Racecar0


June 5, 2014 by evilweevil666

Inside the Drawer is a podcast that aims to provide regular content on competitive SolForge, bringing you top level players as guests each Friday.

Today I sit down with the Kit and Racecar0 of ForgeWatch to discuss running tournaments, the upcoming Golden Gauntlet, and the debates surrounding the unheroic format.  There may even be some spoiler teasers 😉 !


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Show Breakdown

00:00 | Show and Guest Intro

02:30 | Kit vs. MegaMan

03:30 | Racecar0 and “Forum Games”

07:00 | Developing the Tournament Scene

09:00 | Building the ForgeWatch Team and Site

12:15 | Evolving Role with Stone Blade Entertainment (SBE)

22:07 | Golden Gauntlet (June 7) and Entry Fees

31:00 | Tarsus Ban Drama and Community Impact

43:55 | Format Breaking or Just Popular?

45:55 | Final Thoughts from Kit and Racecar0

49:07 | Outro and Team Resources


Thanks for listening everyone!  As always, I’m open to any feedback on episode structure, who should be guests, or topics to discuss.  Let me know in the comments!



  1. Kaelari says:

    I wonder how much the “not a real format” argument will hold up when people see the prizes for the championship these weekly tournaments give invites and byes to…

    and not to harp on the point but I wrote the code for the ladder and it’s tournament functions, it took hundreds of hours and is 10,000+ lines of code. I pay out of pocket every month for the hosting of the ladder and I’m putting up prizes out of my pocket. SBE provides a lot of the ladder prizes but some are paid for by me directly. For people to get so pissed that I would do these things still boggles my mind. Fortunately I know most people appreciate all my hard work so while I was initially caught off guard those people don’t bother me anymore.

  2. Mappo says:

    It seems so strange to me to complain about banning a card in a format where half the cards are already banned anyway.

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