Inside the Drawer #4: TinyGrimes


June 20, 2014 by evilweevil666

*Note: Inside the Drawer is now available on iTunes!*

Inside the Drawer is a podcast that aims to provide regular content on competitive SolForge, bringing you top level players as guests each Friday.

This week I sit down with TinyGrimes, who I’m sure you all know. We discuss set 2.2, his stream (, and more!


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As always, all feedback is welcome in the comments.


  1. chax says:

    Great Podcast! I agree that Palladium Simulacrum is way overhyped, I was really happy that I got two of them but then couldn’t really build a deck out of it.

  2. Mappo says:

    As a self proclaimed simulacrum skeptic before the set dropped, I am here to tell you that I told you so, and bask in the glow of your awe and admiration for me.

    I’m still unsure if I think the new dinosaur common (razormane stalker maybe?) is good, I was surprised Tiny didn’t mention it since I’m pretty sure that was also in zrandles invoker deck.

    • evilweevil666 says:

      Seems like you were right! I know I personally don’t think razormane stalker is very playable in constructed. Had no idea it was even in zrandles’ deck, honestly.

      • Mappo says:

        It’s possible zrandles just wanted to play as many new cards as possible, but they seemed to work pretty well for him if I remember correctly.

  3. Minsky says:

    I really like all your articles and the stuff you all do. I like your first 2 podcasts. Altough I liked, that I could download the casts from your site, put it onto my android phone and listen to the podcast, when I had time driving to work by train. Now I can’t anymore, because it is on itune and I can’t download it anymore easily. So I have to skip the podcasts for now.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to have fun with it.


  4. Derk Cast says:

    Man this podcast is great! keep em coming and i promise to keep listening. BTW Flamebreaker is like my FAV card evar! 🙂

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