RotF 2.2 Add-On Spoiler Round-Up


June 4, 2014 by Hectares


This post will be updated as new spoilers are released. Set 2.2 is scheduled to go live on Friday, June 13 at noon Pacific.

Keep up with the spoilers here, and look out for our RotF Add-on 2.2 Full Set Review shortly after the patch goes live.

Pre-Launch Spoiler Stats

Total spoilers: 14/20

Rarity breakdown: Legendary – 3/4 | Heroic – 2/4 | Rare – 2/4 | Common – 7/8

Faction breakdown: Alloyin – 2/5 | Tempys – 4/5 | Uterra – 4/5 | Nekrium – 4/5


Cards Spoiled

#0: Name Unknown (Alloyin – Rarity Unknown)

This was the first bit of the twenty card release revealed via Steam chat on June 4 (source).

There is early speculation that this will be a common or rare to handle Nightgaunt in draft.


#1: Mimicwurm (Uterra – Legendary)

Spoiled on a news post on June 5.

The stats of Technognome with free upside as it levels. This creature looks at home in a grow wide mono Uterra deck and happy to have Tarsus along for company. Mimic all the things!


#2: Razortooth Stalker (Tempys – Common)

Spoiled on a news post on June 6.

A strategic growing threat that will help to bring up the perceived play-ability of Tempys in draft. Dinosaur hype!


#3-6: Rank Gain Cycle

The next 4 cards were spoiled simultaneously on a news post on June 7. These commons expand the range of effects that can happen when you gain a rank. Sometimes you will get the 1.4/2.4 nut draw, but most of the time you won’t, so think carefully how many of these effects belong in your deck:


#3: Spiritfrost Shaman (Tempys – Common)

Some burn on ranking up? This will be a solid pickup for Tempys in draft.


#4: Metamind Overseer (Alloyin – Common)

Drawing extra cards when you rank up is huge because playing two leveled cards to your opponent’s none can end the game. Easily a playable draft and constructed card. The fact that it’s a Metamind is just an extra perk for Drix Decks.


#5: Blightskull Phantasm (Nekrium – Common)

Opposing lane creature gets a small debuff when you rank up? Seems like a draft playable card, but not one that swings the game.


#6: Umbraglim Mantis (Uterra – Common)

Life gain each rank could make a difference in some constructed decks which focus in on that, and you would only play it if you got the life that turn. In draft it could help to prolong some already instense matches.


#7: Yuru, the Necrosage (Nekrium – Legendary)

Spoiled live during the ForgeWatch Twitch coverage of the Golden Gauntlet on June 7.

Forever a Xrath’s Will 1 / Uranti Warlord 1 target. This is a card that will require creative play to get good use out of. Looking forward to the decks that make good use of this one.


#8: Xithian Host (Nekrium – Common)

Spoiled live during the ForgeWatch Twitch coverage of the Golden Gauntlet on June 7.

Abomination with 6/10/18 life total swings on death. Very cool effect but hosted on a terrible body. This belongs in a high synergy abomination deck, probably as a one-of to make sure you’re only playing it when you’ve got a leveled Dr. Frankebaum on the field.


#9: Sigmund Fraud (Nekrium – Heroic)

Spoiled on on June 8 as a reward for completing a game.

Another Abomination! This one has defender and encourages you to destroy your own creatures. Not my top choice for P1P1, but in the right draft it could do some good, clearing lanes for your mobile creatures or eating negated blockers (e.g. with regen or armor) before they go to waste.


#10: Shimmerfang Serpent (Uterra – Rare)

Spoiled on a news post on June 11.

An interesting addition to the Poison arsenal. I can imagine this being more popular as a venom-spitter that was able to target its prey with an activated ability though its current form is powerful for those who can calculate Poison triggers effectively. (Note: After reading Kit’s evaluation in the news post linked above I can see I’m under-appreciating the card. His enthusiasm for it is infectious… if you enjoyed that, you should definitely read his full write-up.)


#11: Palladium Simulacrum (Alloyin – Legendary)

Spoiled in a strategy post on June 11.

This was our first spoiler, and the strategy post does a great job of explaining the strengths of Simulacrum and offers up a full decklist to make use of its unique ability. Take your card and double it!


#12: Gemheart Sprout (Uterra – Common)

Spoiled on a news post on June 12.

<3 Tribal. Heart Rock to go with your Heart Tree. Can go UT with Heartseeker or NU with Darkheart Wanderer. Probably not playable in draft but could have a very small role in constructed life gain decks.   #13: Flamebreak Invoker (Tempys – Heroic)

Spoiled on a news post on June 12.

Bring on the burn decks! Definitely an interesting option for constructed play in decks that are already looking to get the most out of every Tempys spell played.


#14: Ice Torrent (Tempys – Rare)

Spoiled on a news post on June 12.

A burn spell that goes free is an excellent way to proc Flamebreak. It will be interesting to see if this combo can hold up in the constructed queue.


#15 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SPOILER or RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
Seriously, we can’t wait!



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