Coach Mike: Controlling Your Focus for Competitive Success


July 26, 2014 by wookiemike

Coach Mike explores elements of gameplay that happen outside of the SolForge client. I’m known in the SolForge community as WookieMike and you can learn a little bit more about me in the first episode of the Inside the Drawer podcast.


Inner Voice


DM271-2 ColorYou know, the guy in the head that tells you how awesome you are? Or the guy that beats you up for a misplay? Yeah, that guy. In this article we want to train your inner voice to be the lean machine we know it is and help you achieve the results you work so hard for and deserve!

So, here you are: you’ve done a million reps, found the deck you want to settle on for the next major tourney, and you have with missile guided precision tuned your deck to the current meta. You’ve read and kept up with the current trends and have a good idea what the expected meta is, what else could there possibly be to do?


Avoid Mental Traps


Trap #1: Previous Performance

DM280(1)You had a bad run in the queue, just before a tournament. You had several misplays and punted a game. LET IT GO! We all vent, or have a way of venting, but don’t let that affect your now. Identify the errors, the misplays, and why you lost. You don’t want to take that into the next day of play.

If you have prepared for a tournament with a lot of reps and you are in a comfortable position the day of the tournament, let your mind rest and hone in on your inner voice. Let it be a beacon of inspiration! Pick some motivational music to help you focus. The future hasn’t happened yet. You’ve done what’s needed, just let it go and do the work when it’s time.


Trap #2: Mid-tournament Mistakes

YOU’RE NOT DONE YET! So you punted. So you dropped two games in a tourney where you can only go X-2. So what? Don’t let your mistakes consume you- keep fighting. You have control of the right now, that’s where you need to be.


Trap #3: Obsessing on Outcomes

I MUST top 8. I MUST take down this competition. You have very little control over variance. What you do have control over is your performance. How well you perform with the cards given to you. You did the work, now run TIGHT.


GhoxAlt3Trap #4: Luck, Variance, RNG

Hey, we live in a world full of variance. We play a game with calculated variance. If you have the reps, you are aware of this. Sometimes you’re going to play people you wish you didn’t have to. Sometimes you’re going to draw poorly. We know this!


Trap #5: Demanding Perfection

Keeping in mind all of the above, loosen up a bit. Train hard and aim for the best result possible, but know a perfect run EVERY tournament is impossible.


Get out there!


So focus on the now, the work will get you there eventually. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people. Eliminate the negativity.

Until next time. Have FUN. DO WORK!


– Coach Mike


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