The Late Late Game – PL8 Draft Highlight


July 6, 2014 by Hectares

This was a long draft game, and many cards came to work every day doing their jobs well. 239 cards later, Gemheart Sprout was selected as match MVP by the Independent SolForge Drafting Council. Congratulations, Gem!

A shoutout to the viewers who reminded me that reading the cards is a helpful way to improve my play and that reading them correctly is even more beneficial.

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  1. Kestralb says:

    Gemheart Sprout was amazing in that match! It’s like if you imagine a Glowstride Stag…and then give it *defender*! Mind=blown! 🙂
    Now we just need a match where Asir’s Blessing is declared MVP and the end-times will undoubtedly be upon us.

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