Prepare to Qualify: Getting Ready for a Tournament


July 10, 2014 by Hectares

After nearly 300 votes on last week’s poll, I’m excited to announced Alloyin Highlander is the card that must wreak havoc on the constructed metagame and while Turkis has already volunteered, everyone should see if they can find a window for Highlander. More Highlander play = more mayhem.

While you probably don’t want to bring this deck to the next qualifier, you may still be looking for a deck that could give you a shot at making it to the upcoming ForgeWatch Invitational. Perhaps the RSSSPC Method (patent pending‽) will help you get there.


Preparing for a Tournament


poleposition-preparetoqualifyResearch strong decks from the most recent major tournament. (June FWIQ Review)

Scout the constructed queue with a deck you can reliably 3-1 with. Pay special attention to decks you face with a 2-0 record as generally these are going to be decks that can perform well against the field.

Select a deck that is able to beat the decks from previous steps that you feel confident playing.

Submit that deck before the deadline. (July FWIQ Entry)

Practice, ideally with skilled playtest partners, against staple tournament decks such as Yetis, Zombies, Bots, and NT Removal.

Compete like a champion, don’t give up in a tough spot or get sloppy when far ahead. Minimize distractions and keep yourself mentally alert.


If you have other suggestions for preparing for SolForge (or any) tournaments feel free to leave them in the comments and make sure to check out this week’s poll on how actively you play SolForge. This will help us get a better sense of who is reading and help point us in the right direction with new content.


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  1. Kestralb says:

    Needed an option in the poll for “As many draft queues as I can squeeze out of my free tickets.” 🙂

  2. Minsky says:

    I play all dailies and 1-2 Queue Tournaments a week. Nearly no Random Queue, some Games with friends. Kaelaris Ladder would be interesting, when I had no tickets, but I have a lot, because with just 1-2 Tourneys a week and no 0-4 streaks, I get more and more tickets. … so I didn’t vote.

    For tournament preparation: I recommend to have something to drink and eat easily available, drinks with higher priority.

    • Hectares says:

      Definitely good tips! Getting up and moving around a bit goes nicely with the snacking and hydrating too.

      Thanks for the feedback on the poll, I can imagine a good number of people are in the 1-6 tournament queues per week range that I didn’t cover well in the poll choices.

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