Poll: What’s the Least Playable Card?


July 2, 2014 by Hectares

In an ever-growing cardpool there are bound to be stragglers that fall by the wayside and don’t see competitive play. This week’s poll is dedicated to cards which have picked up tags like fun! interesting… and bad 🙁  and will attempt to showcase what some creativity and playtesting can do to change perceptions.

Turkis has volunteered to create and pilot a deck built around the card that gets the most votes by next Wednesday. You can expect to see it on stream in the week that follows.

Let’s make him work! (Hovers: Spitesower Acolyte, Savage Oath, Natural Selection, Pyre Giant, Alloyin Highlander, Avalanche Guardian)


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  1. Kestralb says:

    Savage oath I feel like actually has potential, since it at least scales well and is only bad at lvl1.
    Pyre Giant is practically irredeemable though.
    Surprised to see Natural Selection currently winning – but also provides the clearest guidance for how you’d have to build a deck to make it work. Would be very interesting to see if filling the lanes reliably enough could be pulled off.

  2. chax says:

    It’s totally not right to see Alloyin Highlander so high in the poll. People are definitely underestimating Alloyin Highlander. It is a very useful creature and the card works GREAT in my solo Highlander everything else spells deck:

    1 x Cypien Augmentation
    1 x Contagion Surge
    2 x Epidemic
    3 x Vyric’s Embrace
    2 x Electro Net
    2 x Bulwark Bash
    2 x Metatransfer
    1 x Metasculpt
    2 x Cull the Weak
    2 x Spirit Torrent
    2 x Energy Surge
    2 x Metasight
    1 x Cypien Battlesuit
    2 x Energy PRison
    2 x Dreadbolt

    • TAG says:

      In all fairness, the poll title is “Which of these cards would you like to see wreak havoc on the constructed metagame?”, not “Which is the worst of these cards?”

  3. chax says:

    I’m also very surprised to not see cards like Turnabout, Shardplate Mutant, Xithian Shambler, Talsin Bard of Abundance, and Woebringer in the poll. There are far worse cards than the cards in the poll.

    • Turkis says:

      I tried to avoid just grabbing unpopular legendary cards. I think everyone always has a tendency to look for the legendaries that aren’t as powerful as others and try to build on them. The less popular cards in other rarities often get much less attention.

      And, maybe the wording above wasn’t quite right in that the goal isn’t to find the absolute worst card and the game in play it, but more to find underplayed cards that have neat mechanics that you can build a deck around. You could make a pretty good case for necrotic wurm being the worst card in the game if you wanted, but it wouldn’t be very fun to build a deck to try to use it.

    • Kestralb says:

      I tried making a Turnabout deck once; it was terrible. 🙂 I guess the poll is a non-exhaustive selection of bad cards that were Turkis was also willing to have a go at building a decent deck around. Maybe next week next week they can try this again with the 5 you suggested + Flowsteel Prototype. 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    I could see Savage Oath working on an aetherguard kind of build. Perhaps not the strongest creature, but fun to buff him with spells to see that nice armor etc.

  5. Kestralb says:

    Someone should build a deck around *Asir’s Blessing* – that card may start slow, but at lvl3 oh man! It’s like a conditional lvl1 Enrage that gets even *better* if your opponent decides not to block, um, at all…ever. 🙂

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