How Does the New “Consistent” Mechanic Work?


August 13, 2014 by KonanTheBarbarian

Here’s a short article with the basics of the Consistent mechanic.

What is Consistent?


The keyword Consistent is triggered with the reshuffling of the library. The deck is then separated into Pile A – which consists of all the cards with the Consistent ability – and Pile B with all the other cards.


If Pile A has fewer than twenty Consistent cards, Pile A is filled up with cards from Pile B until it has twenty cards in it. Both piles are now shuffled randomly and Pile A is put on top of Pile B.

This process ensures that after reshuffling you will see a Consistent card in the top twenty cards of your deck. Therefore you are guaranteed to draw the card in one of the four turns of the next player level.

The only exception would be if you have more than twenty Consistent cards in your deck. You would then draw all the Consistent cards first before you would draw cards without that ability. If you take that to the extreme and have thirty consistent cards in your deck, your deck would simply be shuffled randomly.


What cards can be Consistent?


So far we have only seen the Iron Maiden, but also a Level 1 (L1) card could have the ability Consistent and you would be guaranteed to see it in Player Level 1 (PL1). In theory it would also be possible that we see a new Technosmith-like card with the ability to level a card and add the Consistent ability to it.


The newly released Iron Maiden only has Consistent on its L2 and L3. This means that the L1 is shuffled “normally” and you are not guaranteed to see it in PL1. As soon as you play the L1, the L2 Iron Maiden will be in your deck and you are now guaranteed to draw it in the next Player Level.

You could also skip playing the L2 version in PL2 and would still be guaranteed to see the L2 Iron Maiden in PL3.

Good luck! :p

Can I use Metasculpt to counter Consistent?


As explained above the consistent ability works with cards in your library and therefore casting it onto a creature (which is technically a token generated by playing the creature) doesn’t do anything to the copy in your library. It will remove the ability of the creature on the field, but it won’t remove it from the card in the library.

So far we haven’t seen any cards that trigger on the consistent ability, but it could be very possible that SBE releases a card that removes or buffs creatures with the consistent ability.



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