Set 3 Spoiler Roundup: Secrets of Solis


August 12, 2014 by Hectares

Updated Aug 19. This is everything we know about Set 3 – Secrets of Solis – in a single place.

Solis’ Secrets are about to be revealed… soon! very soon! “There are sixty new cards coming in Secrets of Solis.” (Source)







via World Championship Qualifier Decklists on July 28.


“Nekrium creature”


via TinyGrimes interview with David_SBE on Aug 4. Possibly moved to Set 4 according to David_SBE in my coverage of the FWIQ on Aug 9.


Grimgaunt Doomrider


Spoiled in three parts via Kit on the SolForge Unofficial Facebook group, /r/SolForge, and the Official Forums on Aug 12. Kit spoiled the full card on Aug 14 with some deck ideas.


“Serious Business”


Spoiled by @SeomanReborn on Aug 12.


“Bugs are Scary”


Spoiled by Foxhull in a post on /r/SolForge, the unofficial Facebook group, and in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 12. Foxhull spoiled the full card on Aug 13 at




Spoiled by Outrageous (B+) in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 12.


“Secrets of Solis Pack Image”

Spoiled by SBE in the Secrets of Solis Presale Bundle on Aug 13.




Spoiled by DeadOnBoard in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 13. Sauceman spoiled the full card live at and in a related post on Aug 14.


“#hype! #hype! #hype! #hype!”


Spoiled by jermbug in in a secret compartment of the SolForge Info Workbook on Aug 13.


“Run faster!”


Spoiled by the ForgeWatch crew in 1, 2, 3, 4 tweets Aug 16-17. Four images… you know there’s something good coming here! Anyone else reminded of that one scene from The Office?




Spoiled in a post on the SolForge Facebook page Four images… this time I’m thinking Forgeborn!





Consistent: “Cards with consistent are guaranteed to be in the top 20 cards of your deck whenever you reshuffle.” (Source) | See Konan’s article How Does the New “Consistent” Mechanic Work? for a complete overview.


Solbind: “Cards with Solbind are inextricably linked to other cards. Basically, they bring those other cards with them. Solbind cards are automatically added to your deck in addition to all of the other cards you have chosen. If you play with one copy of Iztek in your deck, you’ll end up with a thirty-two card deck. If you play with the full three copies, your deck will be thirty-six cards.” (Source)


Banish: “Remove from your deck entirely. Once you banish a card, there’s no coming back – it’s gone forever. Banishing cards allows you to thin out your deck and gives you a better chance of drawing your more powerful cards.” (Source)


Overload: “When this card is played, remove it from the game instead of putting it into your discard pile.” (Source)





#1: Iron Maiden (Alloyin – Legendary – Creature – Robot – Consistent)


Spoiled on a news post on Aug 12.

First spoiler hype! Consistent hype! All the attitude, all the pain.


#2: Iztek, Khan of Arrachtor (Tempys – Legendary – Creature – Ice-fire – Asir – Solbind)


Spoiled on a news post on Aug 13.

Solbind??? Just what exactly does… secret cards… transformations!? Solbind is discussed in detail in the linked article and relevant notes are spoiled in the Mechanics section of this roundup.

Iztek-Avatar-of-Fire Iztek-Avatar-of-Frost Izteks-Flame


Iztek is played with fifteen cards – five named cards with three levels of unique text – so pay attention when you play him! From the official spoiler: “Make tricky plays like battling in fire form before playing Iztek’s Frost to heal him *and* switch over to Ice form to use his ability to activate and deal damage.” Can’t wait to try this!


#3: Aetherphage (Uterra – Heroic – Creature – Insect)


Spoiled live at on Aug 13.

This is the first card that allows you to A) see your opponent’s hand, B) interact with it — mind blown! Will there be more?


#4: Oratek Warhammer (Tempys – Heroic – Creature – Fire – Asir – Mobility – Allied Alloyin)


Spoiled live at on Aug 13.

First Alloyin-Tempys Allied card! Oratek, who else are you keeping? This card was designed by the community on S1AL’s first stream that featured John Fiorillo. If you want to know how it all unfolded check out the recap and full audio.


#5: Oratek Battlebrand (Tempys – Rare – Spell – Allied Alloyin)


Spoiled by playing games on (Aug 13). Thanks, Kael!

Secret Oratek tech!


#6: Grimgaunt Doomrider (Nekrium – Legendary – Creature – Grimgaunt)


Spoiled by Kit in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 14.

Ahhhh! New Grimgaunt! Make sure to check out Kit’s “How to Train Your Grimgaunt” post for making the most of this card and some potential decklists.


#7: Dysian Siphon (Nekrium – Rare – Spell – Allied Uterra)


Spoiled in a @GhoxsSocks update on Aug 14, you may want to follow for more.

New Nekrium-Uterra Allied pairing: Dysian. The 6/6, 10/10, 14/14 worth of combat tricks sounds good to me… move over Omnomnomnom!


#8: Toorgmai Guardian (Uterra – Rare – Creature – Plant – Banish)


Spoiled in a news post on Aug 14 along with some important UI announcements.

This card… this card! Name  Art  Banish  The buff for Banishing! ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ


#9: Dysian Broodqueen (Nekrium – Heroic – Creature – Naga – Allied Uterra)


Sauceman spoiled the full card live at and in a related post on Aug 14.

Broodqueen bringing the Broodfang. More Dysian hype! Nekrium and Uterra are poised to become quite deadly. Probably relevant.


#10-13: Faction Cycle: Capital Seal (Each Faction – Common – Spell – Consistent)





The faction capital Seal cycle was spoiled by jermbug in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 14.

Each faction’s Seal is Consistent at L2 and L3 and has major blowout potential in the right situation.


#14: Dysian Sludge (Uterra – Legendary – Creature – Ooze – Allied Nekrium)

I gave in to the awesome peer pressure and spoiled Sludgeguy live at on Aug 14.

Oooooooooooze. Double your Sludgeguy, double your fun. That’s the life!


#15: Forge Guardian Delta (Alloyin – Heroic – Creature – Robot Guardian – Solbind)


Spoiled by Outrageous in a news post on Aug 15.

Forge Guardians, assemble! Delta utilizes the new Solbind mechanic to up your odds of bringing Forge Guardian Omega into play. “Oh, and did I mention that Omega now has Consistent, too?” Take a look at the spoiler post to get more Outrageous hype!


#16: Frostfang Maiden (Alloyin – Heroic – Creature – Human – Mobility)


Spoiled by Team Armada Games in a special forum post on Aug 15. “For those of you who don’t already know, we have been running face to face in store SolForge tournaments for the last couple months.” THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!

Better get those Chistlehearth Archers ready because it looks like Mobility is getting huge support in SoS.
#17: Nefrax, the Soulweaver (Nekrium – Legendary – Creature – Human – Activate)


Spoiled in a news post on Aug 15.

I need Nefrax lore ASAP, this guy has probably seen it all. Surfing on the backs of spirits all over Solis and wheeling and dealing with the lives of his allies.


#18: Oratek Explosives (Alloyin – Heroic – Spell – Allied Tempys)


Spoiled in a news post on Aug 15.

Usually when talking SolForge bombs we mean late game threats, game enders. In this case… we’re looking at an actual board explosion!


#19: Cinderbound Barbarian (Tempys – Common – Creature – Rank)


Spoiled by Mong0 in a post on the Official Forums on Aug 15.

#Cinderbarb – burn it all!


#20: Frostmane Dragon (Tempys – Legendary – Creature – Ice Dragon)


frostmane-eggSpoiled live at on Aug 16.

Dragon! Frostmane has a cool effect (Kappa). The 0/6 Frostmane Egg token has properties similar to Everflame Phoenix’s L2 ash form so this card can clone itself if your opponent ignores it for too long.


#21: Tangle (Uterra – Rare – Spell)


Spoiled by a certain group of competitive SolForge players in Konan’s Tangle preview on Aug 18. Konan did a great job getting the hype going and prompting some interesting guesses by revealing the name in the forums just before the article.

Pew pew! That AT mobility deck you’ve been planning just got some hate before you even had a chance to play it- what gives!? Check out Konan’s Tangle preview and sound off!


#22: Nanoswarm (Alloyin – Rare – Spell)


Spoiled live at on Aug 18.

Electronet + Metasculpt = Set 3 Bees! That is all.


#23: Dozer, the Dormant (Uterra – Legendary – Creature – Bear – Defender)


Spoiled by racecar0 in a post on the Officials Forums on Aug 18 and by @ForgeWatch in a tweet on Aug 19.

Not a Forgeborn… just Dozer dozing! We’re still waiting on Dozer, the Awakened. Perhaps it will be spoiled after some slumber. (Update: this turned out to be true.)


Once Dozer takes any damage he wakes up healthy and angry!


#24: Herald of Destruction (Tempys – Rare – Creature – Fire – Asir)


Spoiled by SeomanReborn in a news post on Aug 19.

Tarsus hate! HoDor? Secrets of Solis has so many new tools and tactics for interacting with your opponent’s game plan, let’s see what this vicious Fire Asir can do!


#25: Xithian Direhound (Nekrium – Rare – Creature – Abomination – Overload)


Spoiled by SBE’s Brian Kibler in a /r/SolForge spoiler ambush on Aug 19.

OVERLOAD! See above for exact wording of this new mechanic, but basically, if you play this it doesn’t shuffle back into your deck. Go go big -5/-5 debuff!


#26: Burnout (Tempys – Rare – Spell – Overload)


Spoiled by SBE’s Brian Kibler in a /r/SolForge spoiler ambush on Aug 19.

A big single target burn that burns itself right out of your deck when played. Hot!


#27: Lysian Shard (Uterra – Rare – Spell – Overload)


Spoiled by SBE’s Brian Kibler in a /r/SolForge spoiler ambush on Aug 19.

Guys, what’s up with all these shards in Uterra? They sound like a great power source.


#28: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SPOILERS PLZ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (Give – Give – Give – Give!)

We have been patient. Let’s go Set 3!



  1. Scott Blair says:

    The artwork is beautiful! Glad to see Solforge improving the quality of the art, one of the area I feel they have needed to work on, good job

  2. konanTheBarbarian says:

    Hectares is currently sleeping so I thought I would link the newest – and for me – most exciting spoiler…

  3. roy7 says:

    Ladder will be spoiling a card today too during their unlegendary tournament.

  4. Sauceman says:

    This is an awesome article guys! Props, I know this took a ton of work. Will be checking back frequently!

  5. Supraluminal says:

    Stoked about the addition of the Banish mechanic. Much depends on the actual cards we get, but my first impression is that I prefer it to Consistent.

  6. Cracatoa says:

    Broodqueen looks quite strong, especially since it appears you get to choose where to place the shimme-I mean broodfang.

  7. Kestralb says:

    Wow. This set is going to be completely off the hook. Glad to see a cycle of consistent commons, though the N and U seals look stronger at first blush.

  8. Tumoney says:

    this set looks pretty consistent. Commons are more playable than previous sets.
    This game grows and grows. I want more players joun this game!!!

    • TAG says:

      “this set looks pretty consistent”

      Get it? Because one of the new keywords is consistent!


      Nyuck nyuck nyuck

  9. Supraluminal says:

    Broodqueen and Sludge both look really good. The Sludge might be playable even without the dupe trigger; if you can consistently fire that off it’s bananas. Looks like a strong addition to U/N lifegain.

  10. ansr says:

    Great job keeping the list updated Socks. I just wish the newest additions were at the top.

  11. SeagullsTacklingDucks says:

    Lots of good stuff. I foresee Oratek Battlebrand being a solid pick in most every Tempys deck. All those lvl 1 6 health bombs like drix, ghox, tarsus, and… well, almost every factions major threat killed before it can activate? I foresee this causing major blue balls.

  12. Supraluminal says:

    Wonder if Dozer makes Necroslime good.

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