The Fun Train: Aggressive Agriculture


August 9, 2014 by prototype0

Welcome to the The Fun Train™ where we try to have fun and break the constraints of normal SolForge. This column will highlight decks with off-the-wall strategies that make for memorable play experiences.

aggressiveToday we will look at possibly my favorite ability in the game, Aggressive. This keyword allows your creatures to enter the field on the offensive, meaning two things:

  1. They can attack the turn you play them.
  2. You can activate abilities the turn you play them.

Let’s focus on the second idea for now.

We can imagine many different creatures in the game already that would be better if they could activate their abilities the turn you play them (Synapsis Oracle, I’m looking at you) but the one with the most fun potential has to be Leafkin Progenitor.


Who is Johnny Appleseed?


I wish I could say I was the first to spot this interaction but alas, I am not. The deck existed before Set 2 was released and was nicknamed Johnny Appleseed (See: Leafkin Aggression).

The idea was simple: use Lightning Brand (or Flamestoke Shaman) on your Leafkin 1 or 2 and get a Leafkin 3 before Player Level 2 (PL2). You would then use Fervent Assault to move “Johnny Appleseed” and he could spread his seeds across your board. This combo was sweet, fun and, when executed properly, very hard to kill. With more cards in the card pool, we can update this deck and make it a bit more fun than before!

We’ll start off with the combo:

3 Leafkin Progenitor
3 Lightning Brand
2 Flamestoke Shaman
2 Korok, Khan of Kadras

We only want two of the Shaman since he is hard level-gated and also very fragile. However, he helps out our combo and allows us to get a 1.2 Leafkin 3. Korok is great here since the higher levels give your Leafkin 1s Aggressive and can get them up to Level 3 (L3) faster. Also, if you have a Korok 3 or 4, you are able to activate Leafkin 1 more than once. After the activation, the new Leafkin is treated as if you just played it. It hasn’t used its ability and you are able to activate it again if it has or is given Aggressive.


Caring for Your Crops


We need something to buff our Leafkin and his seeds. Ferocious Roar fits the bill perfectly. However, Roar alone is not enough sometimes.

We’ll need to go deeper, which means we will use Enrage. Enrage is perfect for our plan since it heavily buffs our Leafkin 3. +6/+6 at L2 is pretty insane and +12/+12 is just plain nutty. I’d recommend two copies of this spell as three could mean a dead card in your hand.

Another problem Leafkin 3 faces is getting low on health and dying before we are able to win (or make our opponent concede in a fit of rage). One way to do this is to constantly buff Leafkin every turn. Enter Dryad’s Boon. Stick the boon on a Leafkin 3 and watch it grow out of control when new Leafkin spawn and you continue playing out additional creatures. As mentioned above with Enrage, we’ll only want two copies to prevent drawing into a hand full of dead cards.

We will also want some lane spam creatures. I prefer Stygian Lotus over Echowisp here since you will more often than not be able to make at least two Lotus and get more triggers for your Boon’d Leafkin and a Lotus can survive Epidemic better than a Wisp.

The second way to keep Leafkin alive is to restore its health. Rather than bog our deck down with slow regeneration, let’s just heal all the damage with a single spell. Hello, Verdant Grace. Healing ten damage from Leafkin and two from your other creatures is the best option we have and a good one at that. Two copies recommended.

So now our list looks something like this:

3 Leafkin Progenitor
3 Lightning Brand
2 Flamestoke Shaman
2 Korok, Khan of Kadras
3 Ferocious Roar
2 Enrage
2 Dryad’s Boon
2 Stygian Lotus
2 Verdant Grace


Handling the Neighbors


So far that’s 21 cards. Adding a little bit of removal never hurt any deck, especially in Tempys. I like Lightning Spark here but Flame Lance is also fine.

Lastly we will need some other creatures to distract our opponent from trying to kill our Leafkin or as a backup plan if we don’t draw our Leafkin. The best cards for this are high attack cards like Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen, Everflame Phoenix, Storm Caller, and Tanglesprout. I like using a combination of Oros – Phoenix – Tanglesprout personally, but if budget is a concern Storm Caller, Ashurian Brawler, Umbruk Glider, and Fangwood Bear are good alternatives.


Aggressive Agriculture

3 Leafkin Progenitor
3 Tanglesprout
2 Korok, Khan of Kadras
2 Everflame Phoenix
2 Flamestoke Shaman
2 Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen
2 Stygian Lotus

3 Ferocious Roar
3 Lightning Brand
2 Enrage
2 Dryad’s Boon
2 Verdant Grace
2 Lightning Spark


Is this deck competitive? No, probably not. Is it fun? Oh yes it is. Opponents will concede before PL3 when executed correctly.

That’s all I have for the inaugural edition of The Fun Train™. Keep the fun rolling and share your suggestions or decklists in the comments to get on board!


  1. snouty says:

    Great article. I love riding the fun train

  2. SimplyMonk says:

    A deck I’ve been having some fun with, although certainly not reliable or competitive, is my “Hail Mary” deck:

    3x Korok, Khan of Kadras
    3x Abraxas, Avatar of Kadras
    3x Kas, Arcweaver
    3x Hinterland Watchman
    3x War Merchant
    3x Pyre Giant

    3x Warmonger Mod
    3x Frostshatter Strike
    3x Jet Pack
    3x Cypien Augmentation

    The main goal of this deck was to make use of some of my Legendary/Heroic cards that rarely see play while making all or nothing efforts to take my opponent out in one turn. I prioritize playing Korok and Cypien Augmentations as those are the only things that have to be leveled and it is sometimes beneficial to leave the other creatures at Level 1 so that Level 2 Korok can give them aggressive. Watchman is in the deck as a back-up plan since the at level 2 he is a decent threat with a Warmonger Mod or some love from a War Merchant.

    Although it is a large bit of luck when it comes together, nothing feels greater than taking a Level 1 Kas from 4/4 to to dealing 100+ damage in a single turn with some well placed buffs and love from the Avatar.

    Best game I ever had was a level 1 Kas sitting in the middle lane next to an Avatar and a Level 3 War Merchant in play. My opponent [97 Life] blocked him with a 17/17 and was setup to clear my board next turn. Played a Level 3 Augmentation, buffed him with the War Merchant, doubled his attack with the Avatar and then doubled it again with a Warmonger Mod. Ended up with a 104/18 Kas that attacked three times.

    Best day of this deck’s life.

    • Prototype0 says:

      That is a sweet deck! I’ll look into that and possibly write about the “one turn kill” deck! Thanks for your decklist

      • SimplyMonk says:

        Thanks and you are welcome! I like this form for its purity, but I actually started replacing Pyre Giants and took a few spells down to 2x with 3x Ghox/Ironmind. Feels like it made the deck a little more consistent at the cost of slowing down its blowouts a little.

  3. Wicky says:

    Have you ever considered Ator for Johnny Appleseed?

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