Set 4 – Imprisoned Heralds Preview: Big Bad Bartok


November 11, 2014 by Hectares

Sit down with some Socks for a Big Bad Bartok round-table preview!


bartok1-cardWookieMike: You know that bully that chased you home and kicked your butt the first day of school? That’s Big Bad Bartok. You’re going to take your whoopins, guaranteed with the 8/8 stats this guy is tooting around. Bartok got big before all the other kids did and the coach got in his ear about hitting the gym.

Run my friend, run. You will get another day to fight. Once you figure out that’s all this guy is about, and he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve, no matter how far he sticks out his chest, you clench your fist, and you punch that BBB right in his face! If he beats you, you fight him again! Pick up a rock if you have to!

BBB is dumb strong, so he will keep on showing up to fight. Punish him for showing up! Put him on time out! Make him sit in a corner! You got this now? Good. Now tuck your lip in and go suck up some whoopins!



bartok2-carddarkhandsThis isn’t a card for a typical Big Dumb Animals list (see: HolyLlamas, Rosenfloggen) – there are already enough above-curve creatures and no point to guarantee worse stats in later Player Levels.

I would like to see how this card performs in a mid-game Uterra deck that sometimes just needs a decent body to help push or sustain board.

If you run three copies in your deck you will only see seventeen other random cards.




bartok3-cardTurkis: As the first card we’ve seen with a Consistent Level 1, Big Bad Bartok deserves a closer look than his stats might otherwise warrant. Until now, having this mechanic meant a weak L1, but guaranteed draws later in the game to make up for it. Big Bad Bartok, however, has a guaranteed L1 that punishes you in later levels by reducing your chance to see other leveled cards.

Stat-wise, he’s very similar to a Scatterspore Eidolon – except he’s not a plant and doesn’t create tokens. If you’re looking for a strong underdrop that you’ll see every player level, Bartok is your Tigrin.


What do you think? Where will you play the Big Bad Bartok? Can you imagine a deck with twenty Consistent cards?


  1. Tumoney says:

    It’s a great underdrop but….i don’t see it at late game

  2. SeagullsTacklingDucks says:

    Yeah, i see it being an excellent draft pick starting at pack 4. perhaps a UT rush deck can be brewed with it.

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