February World Championship Qualifier Review (and Set 5 spoiler)


February 8, 2015 by Hectares

The seventh and final qualifier for the first SolForge World Championship took place on February 7, 2014. The field of 68 players battled through a seven round Swiss before a cut to the Top 16.

The ForgeWatch crew organized and provided live coverage with additional commentary being offered up by others:
Limited Audio Coverage by ForgeWatch | Additional Coverage by Zwaxor and Jotto

During the ForgeWatch coverage the first Set 5 spoiler was unveiled:

smolderscale dragon


Swiss Bracket | T16 Bracket


Battling through a whopping 19 games with a 14-5 record on the day, STILLHADALLDEEZ defeated hans to claim the 7th spot in the first SolForge World Championship. The 8th spot went to the player with the most wins in the qualifying events, and after an exceptionally close tie-breaker with Zwaxor, SBE announced that the wildcard the spot goes to Hans.


Top Finishes


2nd: hans

T4: Decurion, Tetrarain

T8: evilweevil666, donderillo, Drolf, MattHighAs420

T16: Dragyn3ye, Bryan, youwrip, Absird, kolorblindd, TrashT, JimbozGrapes, Hidetsugo

All Top 16 Decklists


Winning List – STILLHADALLDEEZ – NU Wegu Conjurer

3 Crypt Conjurer
3 Dysian Sludge
3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3 Soothsayer Hermit
3 Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen
3 Wegu, the Ancient

3 Howl of Xith
3 Scythe of Chiron
3 Vyric’s Embrace
2 Epidemic
1 Soulreap


Worthy Adversary – hans – NU Zombie Conjurer

3 Crypt Conjurer
3 Darkshaper Savant
3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3 Soothsayer Hermit
3 Tomb Pillager
3 Xrath, Dreadknight of Varna
2 Zimus, the Undying

3 Scythe of Chiron
3 Xrath’s Will
2 Epidemic
2 Howl of Xith


Notes: Great job to all participants and a big thanks to the ForgeWatch crew who organized and provided coverage.


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