Set 5 – Reign of Varna Preview: Swampmoss Ancient


February 21, 2015 by darkhands

If you enjoy playing with Bron or Big Dumb Animals, I’ve got one of the most interesting cards spoiled so far: a Dinosaur with only two levels.


What exactly is that going to do for us?

This card has natural synergies with the Set 3 powerhouse Bramblewood Tracker and former Alpha bomb Lifeshaper Savant.

Here is the list that I would try out first:

NU Immortal Dino
3 Bramblewood Tracker
3 Bron, Wild Tamer
3 Roaming Warclaw
3 Thundersaur
3 Uterradon Rex
2 Suruzal, Emissary of Varna
2 Swampmoss Ancient
2 Tarsus Deathweaver

2 Howl of Xith
2 Scythe of Chiron
2 Varna’s Pact

Tracker can be played early while the big bodies punch hard and maintain your board.

The Pact engine keeps you even or pushes you ahead in PL2 and beyond. If the game goes late you can even use Suruzal to reset a tracker and drop another L2 Dino.

There may be even more potential in getting back to BDA roots and pairing with Tempys:

UT Aggro Dino
3 Ator, Thunder Titan
3 Bramblewood Tracker
3 Bron, Wild tamer
3 Roaming Warclaw
3 Shardplate Behemoth
3 Swampmoss Ancient
3 Thundersaur
3 Uterradon Rex
3 Uterradon Ridgeback

3 Lysian Shard

Similar to the list above but more to the point. Get damage in early and often. Put on enough pressure to stop your opponents from playing to their strategy.


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