Set 5 Spoiler Roundup: Reign of Varna


February 16, 2015 by Hectares

Updated Feb 25. This is everything we know about Set 5 – Reign of Varna – in a single place.

RoV is a 48 card release with multiple mini expansions to follow. The update is scheduled for Feb 26 with soft downtime at 6pm Pacific, servers offline 7pm, and downtime listed as several hours. Pre-orders can be made until 11:59pm on Feb 27. Set 5 Patch Notes are now available.


New RoV Mechanics

Ambush: “an effect that is active while it is in your hand during your opponent’s turn”

Persistent effects (Echoes cycle): “These effects start off just lasting a few turns, but eventually they grow to permanently change the game state… each faction has a spell like this that highlights a core part of what that faction does”


Quick Info


Patch notes:

Draft pool:

Spoiler Origins:

Spoiler Counter: 17/48 (13 Creatures, 4 Spells)



smolderscale dragonFirst Set 5 card spoiled live by Forgewatch. Learn a bit about the design in a Set 5 First Look by Stoneblade’s own Justin Gary.


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shardplatebehemoth123Team Hypershot knows how big this card is going to be. Make sure to check out their Behemoth preview for some deck ideas and strategy.


batterbot123Stop by the home of the Kadras Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) for Greater Nemo’s Robo-Dino Q&A.


ashmaiden123 Brought to you live by Eon on Twitch.


sparkstone123Cette carte a été dévoilée par Puniverse qui dirige le site Metamindgame français SolForge.


steeleye123 Check out Kit’s guide to the Secrets of Advanced Technology!


necromoeba123Ooze or lose. Stop by GreenLink’s Necromoeba Reveal for synergies and deck tech.


killerbee123BEES! itshappening.jpg spoiled by Kibler on Reddit. Shoutout to chax for beeing vocal and S-Bee-E for making dreams come true!


cacklebonesCheck out Konan’s Cacklebones Analysis for ideas on how to manage the good and bad with this maniacal Skeleton!



Read up on what this two level Dinosaur can do you for you in the Swampmoss Ancient Preview by Darkhands.


Echoes Cycle

ImmortalEchoes1DraconEchoes123lucidechoesMake sure to check out Foxhull’s Lucid Echoes spoiler and deck tech for some insight into how this card plays.


Read up on this Roar-like effect in WookieMike’s Ancestral Echoes Preview article.


Ambush Cycle


leylinedemon123Don’t get Ambushed! Stop by Stautmeister’s complete dismantling of Leyline Demon with decklists and strategy.



  1. Nation says:

    Thank you for this, I really appreciate it.

    btw, the Immortal Echoes links to the incorrect image (Draconic Echoes, currently)

  2. MrJapco says:

    I`ve enjoyed all the card releases so far but I think SBE is starting to release too many cards too often. I would prefer to see the game being improved instead – for example the audiovisuals (interface/animations/sounds) could use some love.

    Plus based on this first look I have to say I am not keen on the Ambush cycle, but we`ll see, can`t really judge it without actually trying it first.

    • snouty says:

      The people who work on the app are different than the people who design the game & new cards. The stuff happens in parallel. I believe a UI upgrade is roughly targeted for the fall, they gave campaign mode a higher priority.

      • MrJapco says:

        That`s true but the composition of the dev team is not set in stone forever. I would suggest firing some of the poeple who are churning out new cards all the time and using the money saved to hire people with skills which can help improve the game and bring new features quicker.

        • Foxhull says:

          The only problem with that is that what you’re proposing is firing people like say, the CEO or other founding members of the company. Not to mention that finding a person who’s legitimately good at game design is hard enough as it is, and their team is really good. I seriously doubt firing designers is on the table.

          • tegeusCromis says:

            Also, it sure doesn’t feel to me like the card release schedule is currently *too packed*, nor that the cards are *too balanced*. Which suggests to me that the current design resources are not surplus to requirements.

  3. Adam says:

    This set is the bee’s knees.

  4. AutumnRose says: – new ooze token for necromoeba courtesy of DavidSBE

  5. urbantriathlete says:

    pretty excited to give a player poison and then double it 1 or 2 turns and watch them cry as they loose to a poison deck… It’s a thing now i think…. (especially if the player poison gets doubled as well)

    • Kestralb says:

      Venomous Netherscale’s text is “At the end of each turn, double the Poison of each creature an opponent controls.” So it should not work with poison on a player.

      Not sure if bees will find a place in constructed, since they are a “slow but inevitable” form of damage, and constructed is a pretty fast format at the moment. The level three could kill very quickly if it gets even 1 hit in with any kind of buff…maybe if you level it secretly in an A/U deck? Seems like Iron Maiden still fills the “closer” role better though.

      • NivMizzet says:

        Yeah, throw a level 3 Aeal of Anviloyn or level 3 Aavage Oath on it and that pretty much ends the game if it hits. the only reason it could be any better than the Iron Maiden though is that it is a heroic, so it is cheaper for those who care, but I don’t think it’ll have any real effect on the meta.

      • urbantriathlete says:

        it is a shame the player poison does not get doubled as well… would have been so exciting!

  6. NivMizzet says:

    I am just sad that the Venomous Netherscale doesn’t double the poison on the player. this would make poison decks actually viable. Imagine if this worked, it would make the Killer Bee + Netherscale the new Broodqueen (which, I guess, makes this a good reason not to), but it would still be fun.

  7. Ben says:

    And Alloyin gets gimped again with the gimmick cards (hello perilous insight round 2!)

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