Introducing SolSeven Weekly News


March 1, 2015 by Hectares

This is the premiere episode of a weekly news show I’ve been looking to launch for a while. SolSeven focuses on the past week of news in the greater SolForge community. Leave a comment to have your say on what you’d like to see next week!



Here’s all the community content mentioned in this week’s episode:

Eon’s Campaign Impressions

Current SolForge Draft Pool

RoV Spoiler Roundup (and links to preview articles)

Kibler RoV spoiler stream

Streamer Boom: (Constructed) (Casual Draft with progression to Competitive) (Mixed format, PG13) (Mixed format, family friendly)

Upcoming tournaments on

Originally broadcast February 28, 2015 on

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  1. OhRats says:

    Konan’s stream! Where is Konan’s stream?

    Darkhands + Konan joint brewing sessions are truly epic.

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